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Scarlett Johansson

Celebrity Scarlett Johansson

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Americans are fascinated by the rich, the famous, the infamous, and all the other luminaries who are often lumped together by the term "Celebrity." This website section highlights celebrity biography, celebrity news, and celebrity pictures and images. While looking at current celebrity news and reviews, we will also take a look at celebrities in history.

Below you will find links to celebrites famous in both the past and the present.


The Beatles--The Fab Four from Liverpool took America by storm in the 1960s. Their new video game, Beatles Rock Band will likely take America by storm again in 2009.


Susan Boyle--Scottish singing sensation whose vocal performance on "Britain's Got Talent" amazed the audience and quickly gained fame as word spread across the internet.

Orson Scott Card--Science Fiction writer, political columnist, and self-styled ornery American.

Peter Falk--Movie and Television actor best known as police detective Columbo

Megan Fox--Actress and Model

Lisa Guerrero--LA Times sports writer, former NFL Cheerleader, and model.

 Crystal Harris--Playboy Model and Fiance to Hugh Hefner

Scarlett Johansson--Star of the movie "The Avengers"

Alexa Ray Joel--Daughter of Billy Joel and Christie Brinkley, and a piano-playing artist in her own right.

Robert Kardashian--Friend and attorney of O.J. Simpson and the father of celebrity Kim Kardashian

Lindsay Lohan

Lindsay Lohan Pictures and Images

Jennifer Lopez--Singer and American Idol Judge

Willie Nelson--Country singer and pop culture icon.

Natalie Portman--Actress and star of the Star Wars prequels, Black Swan, and Thor.

The Rolling Stones--Famous British rock band known as "The World's Greatest Rock 'n Roll Band."

Britney Spears- Pop music icon, singer, actress, and star. See also Britney Spears Pictures and Images

Jamie Lynn Spears--Television star and sister to Britney Spears.

Tom Taylor (b. October 15, 1987) is an American electronic gaming (video game) professional.

Ronnie Wood--Lead guitarist for the Rolling Stones since the mid-1970s, and a former member of the Jeff Beck Group and the Faces.

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