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Most Popular History Sites:

The Mexican-American War

The Invasion of Normandy

The Gulf War

The Iraq War

The War in Afghanistan

The War of 1812

American Military History

Major Wars of the 20th Century


Most Recent History Pages:

Current U.S. Wars and Conflicts of 2013-The ongoing wars of the United States in 2013

Current Wars of Africa

Wars and Conflicts of 2013--A listing of wars and conflicts throughout the world in 2013.

Wars and Conflicts Between the United States and Syria--Lists the wars and conflicts of between the United States and Syria.

The U.S.-Syrian Conflict in Lebanon (1983-1984)A look at the 1983-1984 U.S. intervention in Lebanon and American conflict with Syria.

Gaza War 2012: Operation Pillar of Defense--Israel's latest Gaza War against Hamas

The Golan Heights--This Middle Eastern border region has been the site of many battles between Israel and Syria.

The Crimean War--One of the first truly "modern" wars, this conflict pitted the powerful Empires of France, Britain, and Ottoman Turkey against the huge Russian Empire.

The Wars and Conquests of Alexander the Great

Tuareg Rebellions--A listing of the Tuareg Rebellions in Mali and northern Africa.

The Falkland Islands War (1982)

Falkland Islands War Images and Pictures

Major European Wars and Conflicts of The 19th Century

Timelines of Wars

War of 1812 Biographies

War of 1812 Links and Resources Portal

War of 1812: The Treaty of Ghent (December 24, 1814)

War of 1812: Declaration of War (June 18, 1812)

War of 1812: Proclamation of War by President Madison (June 19, 1812)

Somalia Conflict: Shabab War (2006-Present)

Wars and Conflicts of Pakistan

The Lord's Resistance Army (LRA) Insurgency

War of 1812 Statistics

Raid on Dieppe Images and Pictures

Military History Links

Sino-American Wars and Conflicts: Wars and Conflicts Between China and the United States

This Date in History: July 4: Independence Day

President Obama's Speech Announcing the Death of Osama bin Laden

The Death of Osama bin Laden

Osama bin Laden Biography

Syrian Uprising 2011

The Libyan War of 2011

First Ivory Coast Civil War

Indian Wars: Second Seminole War (1835-1842)

Civil Wars and Rebellions of the United States

Terrorism: al-Qaida, Islamist, and Jihadi Terrorist Attacks in the United States

Political Unrest in Libya Timeline 2011

Wars and Conflicts of Libya (1800-Present)

Political Unrest in Egypt Timeline 2011

Presidents of Egypt

Wars Between Egypt and Israel

Anglo-Egyptian Wars: Wars Between Britain and Egypt

Egypt History Timeline

Egypt History

Thailand History

Wars and Conflicts of Tunisia

Texas War of Independence

Wars and Conflicts of the Soviet Union

Gulf War Images and Pictures

Wars of Sudan

The Fall of the Ottoman Empire

Kurdish Wars in Iraq

Persian Revolution and Russian Intervention (1906-1911)

The Italo-Turkish War of 1911-1912

The Egypt-Libya Border War of 1977

Korean Crisis 2010

Wars of Korea

Wars and Conflicts of Cuba

First Indochina War/French Indochina War (1946-1954)

Wars and Campaigns of Charlemagne

Korean War Timeline

Asian Military History

Wars and Conflicts of Thailand

Battle of Khalkhin Gol (1939)

World War Two Battles and Campaigns

Wars Between Israel and Syria: From 1948 to the Present

The Crusades

Major Wars and Conflicts of The 20th Century

Kyrgyzstan Uprising 2010

Wars and Conflicts of Great Britain

Issues Facing Military Veterans and Former POWs

Cambodia-Vietnam War (1977-1991)

China-Vietnam War of 1979

Wars and Conflicts of Lebanon

Russo-Polish Wars: Wars and Conflicts Between Russia and Poland

Images and Pictures of The German Invasion of Norway (1940)

Images and Pictures of The German Invasion of Denmark (1940)

Inter-Palestinian Civil Wars and Conflicts

Six-Day War (1967)

War in Afghanistan: Operation Moshtarak/Battle of Marja

Civil Wars of Chad

The Bombing of the U.S. Marines Barracks in Beirut (October 23, 1983)

Haiti History: Government, History, and Economy

Wars, Coups, and Conflicts of Haiti

List of Haitian Leaders

History of Yemen: Wars and Politics--

Terrorism: Attempt to Bomb Northwest Airlines Flight 253 on Christmas Day, 2009

The War on Terror/Long War/al-Qaida War

Venezuela-Colombia Conflict (2009)

Wars, Conflicts, and Coups of Colombia

Wars, Conflicts, and Coups of Venezuela

The Winter War: The Soviet Attack on Finland (Nov. 30, 1939-March 1, 1940)

India's Forgotten War: The Maoist Insurgent War In India

The Battle of the Atlantic-Naval warfare in the Atlantic Ocean during World War Two

The Battle of the River Plate (Dec. , 1939)--The sinking of the German pocket battleship, the Graf Spee

Korean Naval Battle (November, 2009)

Thailand-Cambodia Border Dispute

Saudi-Yemen Border Conflict (2009)

Wars of Southern Africa :1899-Present --An overview of the colonial wars, civil wars, and other conflicts in southern africa from 1899 to the present

Anglo-Dutch Wars --An overview of the wars between Britain and the Netherlands.

The Use of American Military Forces Around the World 1981-1990

Iran's Baluchistan Rebellion (2003-Present)

U.S. Operations Against al-Qaida in Somalia (2006-Present)

German Invasion of Poland (1939)--The decision by Hitler to launch his Nazi invasion of Poland became the starting point for the start of World War Two in Europe, and enabled Hitler's Holocaust to find more Jewish victims among Poland's large Jewish population.

Images and Pictures of the German Invasion of Poland

Video and Film of the German Invasion of Poland (1939)

Wars of Poland-

Gulf War MIA Scott Speicher's remains found- --Details on Gulf War Page

Medals of Honor Awarded for the Wars in Iraq and Afghanistan-

Wars, Conflicts, and Coups of the Philippines--

Wars of 1939--wars and conflicts leading up to World War Two.

War in Afghanistan: Operation Khanajar/Strike of the Sword (July 2009-Present)--

Honduras Coup of June, 2009--

Sa'dah al-Houthi Rebellion in Yemen (2004-Present)

North Korean Nuclear Crisis

Korean Border Conflicts and Incidents (1953-Present)---

Taliban War in Pakistan--

Naval Incidents Between the United States and China (2009)

Habsburg-Valois Wars: French Wars in Italy (1492-1516)--

Wars of the Hapsburg Empire (Austria-Hungary) from 1815 to 1918-

Wars of the Horn of Africa: Ethiopia, Eritrea, Djibouti, and Somalia-

Bangladesh Army Mutiny of 2009--


Gaza Strip Conflict/Gaza War--

Ehud Barak Announcement about the start of the Israeli ground offensive January 3, 2009-

Wars of 1909--

Annexation of Bosnia and Herzegovina and the Bosnian Crisis (1908-1909)

British Wars 1945 to the Present

Wars and Conflicts of Georgia

The American Civil War--New section on the History Guy website

Waziristan Revolt (1919-1920)

Russian Military History (1815-1918)--

Greco-Turkish Wars --

Wars of India--

The Wars of Egypt--

Nations With A Losing Record In War---Ever wonder who the top losers are? Check it out!

Attack on Pearl Harbor-

The Battle of Gettysburg--

Sino-Japanese Wars--A series of wars between China and Japan.

The Wars of Mexico--

Norman Invasion & Conquest of England (1066)--

French Military History (1919-1939)

French Military History (1945-Present)

Wars of the 21st Century

Arab-Israeli Border Wars-

Arab-Israeli Wars

Anglo-Iraqi Wars-

Second Persian Gulf War (1st Iraq War/Desert Storm)

Wars of the Papacy

Third Balkan War

U.S.-Mexican War

Wars of Vietnam

World War Two--Under revision

Wars of the United States

Wars of Iraq

The Iraq War

War Lists

The War List

Wars by Nation

Serial Wars and Conflicts

Wars by Year

Governments of the World

United Kingdom



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Country Studies: Lebanon

2010 Political and Government News

Biography: Alhaji Umar Mutallab

Attempt to Bomb Northwest Airlines Flight 253 on Christmas Day, 2009

Papal History: List of Popes

Important Americans of the 21st Century

Text and Video of President Obama's West Point Speech on Afghanistan Policy on December 1, 2009  

Hussein Badreddin al-Houthi (d. 2004) was a Zaidi Shiite religious leader in Yemen. al-Houthi began the Shiite rebellion in northern Yemen known as the Sa'dah conflict, which began in 2004.

General Stanley McChrystal--Former American and ISAF commander in Afghanistan. New Biography

Music History News

American Presidents Who Won the Nobel Peace Prize

Iran's Baluchistan Rebellion (2003-Present)

Iran War--Scenarios for an attack on Iran

Nation of Poland--Page on Poland's population, government, economics, and history.

Bob Dylan--Biofile page on the folk and rock music legend.

Senator Ted Kennedy--Biography of "Lion of the Senate," Senator Edward "Ted" Kennedy.

Eunice Kennedy Shriver--Biography of the Special Olympics founder.

Justices of the United States Supreme Court--- Includes the newest Justice, Sonia Sotomayor

Political News-

Gulf War MIA Scott Speicher's remains found

Sportshistory: Chicago White Sox No-Hitters and Perfect Games

Historyguy Book Review--Reviews of Books and other Media related to History, Politics, and Biography

Iran Election Protests and Violence 2009--

World News--news headlines from around the world.

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North Korean Nuclear Crisis

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Taliban War in Pakistan--

Somali Pirate Attacks

Somali Pirate Attack on the Maersk Alabama

President Obama's Afghanistan Strategy (2009)

Naval Incidents Between the United States and China (2009)

Gaza Strip Conflict/Gaza War-

Korean Border Conflicts and Incidents (1953-Present)

Sports History --A new section of the History Guy.com website, featuring a look at the history of sports and sports teams in the U.S. and the world.--New*


U.S. Presidents Who Died While In Office--*NEW*

Gay Rights Issues in America--Part of the Issues section on the History Guy website.

The Mortgage Crisis and Bailout-New section on the History Guy website

The American Revolution--New section on the History Guy website


Wars and Conflicts Between Tibet and China--A look at the wars between Tibet and China, with an emphasis on 20th and 21st Century conflicts.--New

World War Two--a new section of the History Guy site detailing the battles, personalities, documents, causes, and consequences of the Second World War.

The War of 1812- A look at the second war between the United States and Great Britain.--New

Indian Wars-a new section of the History Guy site detailing the Indian Wars of North America.--New

Presidents of the United States--A listing of American Presidents, with links to biographical information.--New

Saddam Hussein--Biofile on the late Iraqi dictator

The War and Conflict Journal--Tracking wars and conflicts around the world.

Taliban Advances; Pakistan in Mortal Danger--posted April 22, 2009

Chad Rebels Declare War on France--posted Nov. 30, 2007

Weekly War and Conflict Update--Week of November 25, 2007

World Biography.net--A companion website to the History Guy. Features on important individuals from around the world, both past and present.

The History Guy Bookstore-New feature of the History Guy website

Captain America--The Star-Spangled Avenger, originally a hero in the Second World War, now a leader of the Avengers.--In the Comicshistoy section.

The Death of Captain America--Obituary of the Sentinel of Liberty, who fell to an assassin's bullet on March 7, 2007.--In the Comicshistory section.

The Fantastic Four--The First Family of Marvel.--In the Comicshistoy section.

The American Civil War--A section on the History Guy website

Frederick Douglass-- The famous orator, author, and champion against slavery.

Nations of the World Section--New

The State of Israel--New--Political, historical, political and economic information on Israel.

Economic and Population Data on Middle Eastern Nations

Forms of Governments in the World

Attacks on U.S. Navy Ships Short of War

U.S.-Iran Hostage Crisis

Wars of the 21st Century

War List of Middle East Conflicts--

Wars of Iraq--

Anglo-Iraqi Wars--

Comparing American Military Casualties-New

Arab-Israeli Border Wars--

Comicshistory: Superman--

Celebrity History and Celebrity History and News

1st Appearance Comics

Journey Into Mystery #83

Biofiles -Biography pages of people who impacted the United States and World history.

The Beatles--The Fab Four who invaded America in the 1960s, and helped change youth culture.

Andrew Joseph Stack III (1956-2010)--Apparant suicide/homicide pilot who crashed his plane into an office of the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) on Feb. 18, 2010.

Biography of New Alaska Governor Sean Parnell

Governor Sarah Palin--Republican nominee for Vice-President

President George H. W. Bush--the 41st President of the United States

Bush Speech to Students

President Gerald R. Ford--the 38th President of the United States

Saddam Hussein--Biofile on the late Iraqi dictator

Clara Barton-- The "Angel of the Battlefield" who brought nursing care to wounded soldiers during the Civil War and later founded the American Red Cross.--New

Frederick Douglass-- The famous orator, author, and champion against slavery.--New

Mathew Brady-- The "Father of Photojournalism" whose photos of Civil War battlefields brought the horrors of war home to civilians on the homefront.

William Blum--Political writer critical of American foreign policy and of the Bush Administration. Author of the controversial book "Rogue State."

General George Patton--Famed American army general of World War Two

The Rolling Stones--Famous British rock band known as "The World's Greatest Rock 'n Roll Band."--New

Ariel Sharon-Israeli military leader and former Prime Minister.

General Robert E. Lee-- The commanding general for the South in the American Civil War.

Cindy Sheehan--The mother of Casey Sheehan. Her son's death led her to begin an anti-war demonstration outside of President Bush's ranch in the summer of 2005.

Casey Sheehan--U.S. Army soldier who died in the Iraq War. His death caused his mother, Cindy Sheehan, to launch an anti-war demonstration which gained nation-wide attention.

Tom DeLay--House Majority Leader and conservative Republican. Currently under indictment in Texas and, for now, the former Majority Leader.

The Reverend Billy Graham--Religious cultural icon and spiritual advisor to every American president since Dwight Eisenhower.

Britney Spears- Pop music icon, singer, actress, and star.

Johnny Cochran--American attorney who gained fame representing O.J. Simpson in his infamous 1995 trial.

John D. Negroponte--American diplomat chosen to serve as the first National Intelligence Director.

L. Paul Bremer--American diplomat who served as head of the head of the Coalition Provisional Authority in Iraq from 2003 to 2004.

Julius Schwartz--Science Fiction and comic book editor .

Dr. Benjamin Rush-- Signer of the Declaration of Independence, member of the Constitutional Convention, noted physician and ardent supporter for the abolition of slavery.

Thomas Nast-American political cartoonist.

General George Armstrong Custer-- Famous American Cavalry officer who died at the Battle of the Little Bighorn in 1876.

Timothy McVeigh--Domestic American terrorist responsible for the Oklahoma City Bombing in 1995.

William Howard Taft-President of the United States and later Chief Justice of the U.S. Supreme Court.

Lorenzo de Zavala--First Vice-President of the Republic of Texas.

Maria Shriver--Former award-winning television journalist, best-selling author, current First Lady of California, niece to President John F. Kennedy, and daughter of Vice-Presidential candidate Sargent Shriver.

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