Wars and Conflicts Between the United States and Syria

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American battleship USS New Jersey firing 16" rounds at Syrian and Druze positions in Lebanon on February 4, 1984.

USS New Jersey 1984 Lebanon

Wars and Conflicts Between the United States and Syria

With the onset of the Syrian Civil War in 2011, and the increased violence and threats of international escalation and intervention in late 2012 keeps Syria in the news, a look at past conflicts involving Syria and Western powers can help inform as the possibility of more conflict with Syria grows.

The United States and Syria have engaged in military action against each other before. In the early 1980s, the United States, France, and Italy, sent troops to Lebanon to help stabalize a very bad situation. This peace-keeping mission eventually devolved into a major combat action against the Syrian military forces in Lebanon and their Lebanese militia allies.

The Cold War--The Cold War was a conflict between the United States and her allies, against the Soviet Union and her allies and satellites from the end of World War Two to the early 1990s. Syria's friendly relations with the Soviets began in the 1950s, grew dramatically in the 1960s, and become much more pronounced during and after Syria's 1973 war with Israel and Egypt's shift toward the U.S. and away from Russia. The Syrian-Soviet alliance was driven by a mutual hostility toward the United States, Israel, and the pro-American Arab states, such as Saudi Arabia and Jordan.

The U.S.-Syrian Conflict in Lebanon (1983-1984)--Military conflict between the United States (and allies), against Syria, and her Muslim militia allies, including a newly-formed Hezbollah.

Syrian Civil War (2011-Present)--Syrian rebellion against the regime of Bashir Assad. While the United States is not an official participant in this war (yet), it is known that the U.S. is actively aiding the anti-Assad rebels in their fight against the Syrian Army.


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Chronology: Marines in lebanon, 1982-1984

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