Update to Wars and Conflicts of 2014: The State of the World at War

2014 Wars and Conflicts Update


The History Guy website is growing.  We just added a new page, the Wars and Conflicts  of 2014, which lists the current conflicts and wars raging in the world today.  With the advent of renewed fighting in Gaza between Hamas and Israel, the continued civil war in Syria, and the escalation of violence in Iraq, the conflicts of the Middle East are dominating headlines today.

The ongoing rebellion in eastern Ukraine continues, and the concern over possible overt Russian intervention is present.  Wars in Africa continue to ebb and flow, with Muslim Jihadi conflicts ongoing in Nigeria, Mali, Central African Republic, Somalia, Libya, and other states across the Saharan region known as the Sahel.  Western powers, especially the United States, Britain, and France, continue to aid these nations in their fight against extremism.

The war in Afghanistan continues, as does the Taliban conflict in Pakistan.  Several insurgencies in Yemen continue, and the proxy war between the Sunni states, led by Saudi Arabia, continues to play out across the Middle East.


ISIS-Islamic State Fighters in Iraq 2014

ISIS-Islamic State Fighters in Iraq 2014

In East Asia, tensions between China and nearly all of her neighbors continue to escalate. Japan, Taiwan, the Philippines, Vietnam, and India all have ongoing border conflicts with China.  Fears of outright war permeate the region.

The Mexican Drug War limps along with massacres and atrocities.  All this comes as Europe commemorates the 100th anniversary of the beginning of World War One.  Many analysts see similarities between the state of the world today in terms of international tension and the world of early 1914 as Europe lurched toward the worst war the world had seen up to that point.

The Wars of 2014 page will be updated as events develop in the world at war, 2014.