The History Guy website is a private, educational website covering world affairs, global conflict, history and politics. Research and development of content for public use is facilitated by Roger Lee, the website owner and manager.

Roger Lee holds Bachelor of Arts degrees from Washington State University in History and Political Science. He also holds a Master of Arts degree from the University of Washington, Tacoma in Educational Administration. He is a veteran educator, teaching Social Studies to a diverse student population at an alternative high school in Auburn, Washington for ten years. Mr. Lee is currently an Assistant Principal at Auburn Senior High School, also in Auburn, Washington.

The website began in 1997 as a portal for Mr. Lee's students at West Auburn Senior High School to access internet information on history and politics easily and quickly. Over time, it soon became apparent that the original focus on political and governmental resources was not enough. After examining the internet for data on wars and conflicts, comprehensive and detailed information on world conflicts, both past and present, proved difficult to find. The History Guy website now attempts to serve as a database for the wars and conflicts of our violent world, as well as a more general resource for politics and history.

Roger Lee acquired the domain name "" in 1998, and soon thereafter trademarked "The History Guy." The website has undergone several major changes in format over the years.

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The History Guy: