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The Government of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland

British Flag

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**NEW--2010 UK General Election--NEW**

Parliament | The Prime Minister | The Royal Family | Government Departments | Political Parties | Economy | Culture | Media Sources


On September 18, 2014, the people of Scotland got a chance to vote on whether or not to seek independence from the United Kingdom. Many Scots felt that the central government in London was not paying attention to the needs of Scotland, and sought to dissolve the 1707 Act of Union that united the two British kingdoms over 300 years prior.

2010 UK General Election

The United Kingdom will hold General and Local elections on May 6, 2010. A political party must win 325 seat in Parliament in order to form a non-coalition government. April 20, 2010 is the deadline for people to register to vote.

Who May Vote in the 2010 UK Elections?--To vote in the UK general election a person must be aged 18 or over on polling day and are either a British citizen, or a Commonwealth or Irish citizen resident in the UK. Some other groups - such as European Union citizens - can vote in local elections. British citizens living abroad who have been registered to vote in the UK within the past 15 years can register as overseas voters. *Descriptive statement is from the UK Voter Registration website. *

General and Local Elections 2010--From the government's website

UK General Election 2010--"UK General Election 2010 site is not affiliated with any political party including Labour, Conservative, Liberal Democrats, UKIP, Greens, BNP." *Descriptive statement is from the website. *

UK General Election 2010 political map - Telegraph.co.uk

A Biography of David Cameron: A Profile of the Conservative Party Leader

British elections could deliver a blow to two-party rule--Washington Post, May 2, 2010

Election debate: Nick Clegg emerges victorious- Telegraph.co.uk, April 15, 2010

General Election 2010: Is David Cameron trying to be the British Barack Obama?--Telegraph.co.uk, April 8, 2010--article about the Conservative Party leader, David Cameron.

Gordon Brown names 6 May as general election dayPrime minister confirms date for poll and asks Queen to dissolve parliament--From the Guardian.uk's website on the 2010 UK General Election**Includes video of the Prime Minister's statement--posted April 6, 2010


Gordon Brown and David Cameron clash over national insurance at PMQs: Final prime minister's question time before election sees party leaders disagree over response to recession--From the Guardian.uk's website on the 2010 UK General Election**Includes video of the PMQ--posted April 7, 2010



Houses of Parliament ---Great Britain's lawmaking branch of government

The House of Commons-- Voters in the United Kingdom send their elected Members of Parliament (MP) to this House to make the laws for the country.

The House of Lords-- This is literally the part of Parliament which is the least democratic. Lords serve for life, and most members inherited their seats because they hold titles of nobility.

The Prime Minister

No. 10 Downing Street--The Prime Minister's official residence.

Gordon Brown Biography--Official UK government biography page on the Prime Minister.

Gordon Brown--Guardian.co.uk website section tracking news of Prime Minister Gordon Brown

Biography of Tony Blair--Biography.com's biography of former PM Tony Blair.

The Prime Minister's Cabinet

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The Royal Family  

The British Monarchy--Official website for information on the Royal Family of Great Britain. British Royal Family page

The Prince of Wales--Prince Charles' new website. The heir to the British throne is officially known as the Prince (or Princess) of Wales. Wales is a region in the western part of Britain.

Prince William--The eldest son of Prince Charles and the late Lady Diana.

Prince Harrry--The youngest son of Prince Charles and the late Lady Diana. Harry is also a veteran of the War in Afghanistan.

Government Departments

The Home Office--"Deals with criminal justice, prisons, police, fire service, emergency planning, constitutional matters, and other internal affairs issues." *Descriptive statement is from the Department's Website. *

Ministry of Defense--Contains links to the Royal Navy, British Army and Royal Air Force.

Office for National Statistics (ONS)--"ONS... we produce and disseminate social, health, economic, demographic, labour market and business statistics. We also conduct the census and social surveys. We are responsible for the registration of births, marriages and deaths and the National Health Service Central Register." *Descriptive statement is from the Department's Website. *

Public Records Office--The national archive of the United Kingdom. It holds over 1000 years of historic documents for use by researchers.

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Political Parties

The Conservative Party--Also known as the Tories, this is the more conservative of Britain's two main parties.

The Labour Party--This is the more liberal of Britain's two main parties. Labour currently controls the House of Commons and the Prime Minister's office.

The Nation's Economy


The Bank of England 

British Board of Agreement--A government-backed organization. Members are appointed by the Secretary of State for the Environment.

Committee for Middle East Trade--The British Overseas Trade Boards Area Advisory Group for the Middle East, which advises both the British Government and industry on matters affecting trade between Britain and the Middle East.

Her Majesty's Treasury--"The UK's Economics and Finance Ministry is responsible for formulating and putting into effect the UK Government's financial and economic policy." *Descriptive statement is from the Department's Website. *

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 British Culture

The Department for Culture, Media and Sport--"The Department for Culture, Media and Sport is the central UK Government Department responsible for Government policy on the arts, sport and recreation, the National Lottery, libraries, museums and galleries, export licensing of cultural goods, broadcasting, film, press freedom and regulation, the built heritage, the royal estate and tourism." *Descriptive statement is from the Department's Website. *

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British Media Sources

BBC News--The British Broadcasting Corporation.

The Daily Mirror--Online edition.

The Guardian--Online edition.

The Times--The world's oldest daily newspaper.

British Activist Groups

Oxfam-- A development, advocacy, and relief agency working to put an end to poverty world-wide.

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