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 Declaration of Independence

The Declaration of Independence


The United States is a nation of laws and ideas. The fabric of American society is woven together by our reliance upon the words in these documents. Many of these links lead to various government archive sites and private websites, from which you can further explore the words and concepts that form the basis of our country.

The Declaration of Independence A transcription of the Declaration.

Virginia Declaration of Rights George Mason's Virginia Declaration influenced The Declaration of Independence and the Bill of Rights.

 The Mayflower Compact

The Gettysburg Address--by President Abraham Lincoln

Constitution of the United States Literally, this document is the "Law of the Land".


War of 1812: The Treaty of Ghent (December 24, 1814)

Magna Carta "The Great Charter" of King John. Signed at Runnymede in 1205, this document granted various rights to Englishmen and limited the power of the King. This established English common law, which greatly influenced the Founding Fathers. This version is a translation from 1297.

President Woodrow Wilson's War Message to Congress (April 2, 1917)-Wilson asks Congress to declare war on Imperial Germany, thereby introducing the United States into World War One.

World War 2 Documents--This new page features the texts of many important documents, speeches and treaties dealing with World War 2.

Albert Einstein Letter to Roosevelt on the Atomic Bomb


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