Anglo-Dutch Wars

Wars and conflicts between Britain and the Netherlands, home of the Dutch people

  Timeline of the Anglo-Dutch Wars

Anglo-Dutch War (1652-1654)

Anglo-Dutch War (1664-1667)

Anglo-Dutch War (1672-1674)

Anglo-Dutch War, (1779-1784) -A part of the largerAmerican Revolution. Also involved Spain, the United States and France against Britain.

Anglo-Dutch War, (1795-1810)-During the French Revolutionary Wars, the Netherlands became a satellite under the control of France. During the Revolutionary era, Holland was called the Batavian Republic, and in the Napoleonic era, it became the Kingdom of Holland, with Napoleon's brother, Louis Bonaparte, as king. As France and Britain were enemies in this time period, Netherlands/Batavia/Holland was also at war with Britain. Some historians break this into two wars, represnting the Batavian era and the Kingdom of Louis Bonaparte as a separate era and a separate war.

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Second Anglo-Dutch War (1665-1667)

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