Anglo-American Wars:

Conflicts Between the United States and Great Britain


Little Belt Affair 1811

 The Little Belt Affair: HMS Little Belt in battle with the USS President May 16th, 1811.

This page shows conflicts between the United Kingdom (a.k.a. England or Great Britain) and the United States of America, a nation which originated as a result of the American War of Independence. Several incidents of a cold war nature occurred over the course of Anglo-American relations, but only two actual shooting wars broke out. Today, these two countries enjoy very warm relations and, from 1917 to the present day, often engage in military alliances against common foes.

The American War of Independence (1775-1783)--Also known as the American Revolutionary War. This war was a major defeat for the British, with the end result being the loss of the British colonies in America. Britain retained Canada, despite the American attempt to invade. The war also involved France, Spain, and the Netherlands on the American side.

The Chesapeake Affair (June 22, 1807)--Naval battle between USS Chesapeake and HMS Leopard.

Little Belt Affair (May 16, 1811)--Naval battle between USS President and HMS Little Belt . This was one of the precursors that led up to the War of 1812.

The War of 1812 (1812-1815)--2nd war between the United States and Great Britain. This war was fought at the same time the British were fighting in Europe and elsewhere against Napoleon's French Empire. Despite the simultaneous nature of these wars, America and France were not allied together against Britain.

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