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Israel-Lebanon/Hezbollah War of 2006--*New*--Details and analysis on the warfare along the Lebanese border which began in July, 2006!

Israeli-Palestinian Conflict--*New*--Background information on the long-running warfare between Israel and the Palestinians!

Israel-Lebanon Conflict--*New*--Background information on the warfare along the Lebanese border!

Israeli-Palestinian Battles and Campaigns--*New*--Specific information on the warfare raids, battles, terrorist attacks, and retaliations between Israel and the Palestinians!


This page contains many links to the 50-plus year conflict known collectively as the Arab-Israeli Wars. When accessing these links, remember that quite a few of them contain propaganda designed to convince the reader to believe one side or the other of this violent conflict. Always check to see if the source you are reading is biased or objective.

See also: The State of Israel

1948-1949 Israeli War of Independence

(Also Known as the First Palestinian War)

History: the State of Israel (1948-) --From the Israeli Government.

The Tragedy of Palestine -- From the Jordan government website.

Israel: problems of the new state, 1948-67 --From the U.S. Army Area Handbook.

Young warrior --A personal reminiscence of the 1948-1949 war from an Israeli soldier.

Machal: volunteers in the war of independence--Homepage for an Israeli Veterans group.

Arab-Israel Conflict in Maps - From the Zionist Century web site.

Arab-Israeli Wars - history of the conflicts that began with Israel's independence in 1948. Presented by the Home of History: Palestine.


1956 Suez War

(Also Known as the Sinai War)

Egyptian Military History-- Part of the Egyptian Military's official website.

Suez War--History Guy page on the 1956 war involving Egypt, France, Great Britain, and Israel.


1967 Six-Day War
Encyclopedia of the Orient: Six-Day War - Includes hypertext links to background information on the countries involved in the Six Day War.

Israel 1967 and Afterward - From the U.S. Army Area Handbooks.

Israel at Fifty: Our Introduction to The Six Day War - Why the war was so important, and how it affects Israel today.

Six Day War - An Introduction - Including pages on the Egyptian, Jordanian, and Syrian fronts, as well as a map. From the Israel Defense Forces website.

Six Days in June - Essay on the Six Day War by William C. Varner.

Who Made Israel's Computer Models for the 1967 War? -- from "Computers and

Society." An interesting article on a little-known aspect of the war.

The Disaster of 1967--From the Jordan government website.

Six Day War --From the Israel Defense Forces website.

The Attack on the U.S.S. Liberty During the Six-Day War

USS Liberty--Dedicated to the the thirty-four men who gave their lives in an attack by the armed forces of Israel against a U.S. Navy ship.


1973 Yom Kippur War

(Also Known as the Ramadan War)

Egyptian Military History-- Part of the Egyptian Military's official website.

The Naval Battle of Latakia

Deterrence Theory: Success or Failure in Arab-Israeli Wars? - Essay written by Elli Lieberman from the National Defense University.

Occupied Golan--Syrian website on the 1973 war.

1982 Israeli Invasion of Lebanon & the Continuing Occupation and Warfare in Southern Lebanon


Amnesty International: Israel-Lebanon Background--

Echoes of Qana - Lebanese page on a 1996 Israeli attack in South Lebanon.

Hezbollah: Israel and Lebanon - The Facts-- From Hezbollah's website.

The Katyusha Rocket Threat - includes map of parts of Israel in Katyusha range. Note: At present, only northern Israel actually experiences rocket attacks. The map on this web page makes it look as if most of Israel is currently under attack.

PERSONA NON GRATA: The Expulsion of Civilians from Israeli-Occupied Lebanon --From the Human Rights Watch website.

Modern Lebanese History--Part of the Arab Net website.

Yahoo's Full Coverage of the Israel-Lebanon Conflict--

Irregular Warfare

(Guerilla, Terrorist and Commando Operations)

*NOTE: Israel calls the Palestinians and Lebanese terrorists, while the Palestinians and Lebanese call themselves freedom fighters and accuse Israel of terrorism. One person's terrorist is another person's hero.

Operation Gift--The Israel Defense Forces' commando operation in Beirut International Airport on the night of December 28-29 1968. From the Israeli Defense Forces website.

Entebbe Diary--An account of the Entebbe Raid (1976). From the Israeli Defense Forces website.

Background on the PLO--From IRIS, a pro-Israel group.

Moshe Dayan's Open Bridges And The Battle Of Karameh--Article about the 1968 Battle of Karameh, in which Israel struck at the PLO headquarters at Karameh, Jordan.

Black September and Fatah Land--Article about Palestinian terrorism at the 1972 Munich Olympics.


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