The Bombing of the U.S. Marines

Barracks in Beirut

(October 23, 1983)

The Bombing of the U.S. Marines

Barracks in Beirut

(October 23, 1983)

Beirut Marine Barracks U.S. Marines help survivors of the Beirut Marine Barracks Bombing 

President Reagan sent the U.S. Marines to Lebanon to act as peacekeepers in the war between Israel and the Palestine Liberation Organization. Over time, the mission changed, and the United States ended up taking sides in the ongoing Lebanese Civil War. For nearly two years, the U.S. was in a de facto state of war with Syria and its allies among the Lebanese Muslim militias, including Amal, and Hezbollah.

On the morning of October 23, 1983, a Hezbollah suicide bomber drove a truck into the Marine barracks at Beirut airport, setting off an explosion which killed nearly 250 Marines.

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