Chief Justices of the United States Supreme Court

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Chief Justices of the United States Supreme Court

Supreme Court

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This Biofile list features the Chief Justices of the United States Supreme Court, which is the highest, most powerful court in the nation. The Chief Justice is the head of the Court, and can greatly influence the legal opinions written by the court in how they interpret the Constitution.

Eventually, all the names on this list will be linked to a separate Biofile of their own.

John Roberts

 Chief Justice John Roberts

Chief Justices of the United States: (In desending order, from the first to the most recent)

NOTE: The dates given below for time served as Chief Justice do not include total years on the Court. Several Chief Justices served as Associate Justices prior to being nominated for the higher position.

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1. John Jay --Served as Chief Justice 1789-1795. Appointed by President Washington.

2. John Rutledge--Served as Chief Justice from August 1, 1795 to December 15, 1795. Appointed by President Washington.

3. Oliver Ellsworth--Served as Chief Justice 1796-1800. Appointed by President Washington.

4. John Marshall-- Served as Chief Justice 1801-1835. Appointed by President John Adams.

5. Roger Brooke Taney-- Served as Chief Justice 1836-1864. Appointed by President Jackson.

6. Salmon Portland Chase-- Served as Chief Justice 1864-1873. Appointed by President Lincoln.

7. Morrison Remick Waite-- Served as Chief Justice 1874-1888. Appointed by President Grant.

8. Melville Weston Fuller--Served as Chief Justice 1888-1910. Appointed by President Cleveland.

9. Edward Douglass White--Served as Chief Justice 1910-1921. Appointed by President Taft.

10. William Howard Taft--Served as Chief Justice 1921-1930. Appointed by President Harding.

11. Charles Evans Hughes--Served as Chief Justice 1930-1941. Appointed by President Hoover.

12. Harlan Fiske Stone--Served as Chief Justice 1941-1946. Appointed by President Franklin Roosevelt.

13. Fred Moore Vinson--Served as Chief Justice 1946-1953. Appointed by President Truman

14. Earl Warren--Served as Chief Justice 1953-1969. Appointed by President Eisenhower.

15. Warren Burger--Served as Chief Justice 1969-1986. Appointed by President Nixon.

16. William Rehnquist--Served as Chief Justice 1986-2005. Appointed by President Reagan.

17 . John Roberts, Jr.--Nominated by President George W. Bush September 5, 2005, confirmed by the Senate on September 29, 2005. Roberts took the oath of office on the day of his confirmation.

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