Colombia-Venezuela Conflict


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Venezuela and Colombia are Spanish-speaking nations on the northern coast of South America. In 2009, the leader of Venezuela was Hugo Chavez, a self-styled Socialist who is an ally of Cuba and a proclaimed foe of the United States and world capitalism. The president at that time of Colombia was Álvaro Uribe Vélez. Colombia is an ally of the United States.

These two nations are at odds, largely due to the political differences of their leaders. Below are resources on this ongoing conflict.

Colombia launches US drones over Venezuela – or was that 'Santa's sleigh'? --Christian Science Monitor, Dec. 22, 2009

Colombia denies Venezuela's claims of spy drones--BBC News, Dec. 22, 2009

Chavez Adds Dutch to His Enemies List --Korea Times, Dec. 22, 2009

Drones Violate Venezuelan Air Space near Colombian Border--Venezuelanalysis.com, Dec. 22, 2009

Tensions with Venezuela Rise Over New Colombian Military Base --Latin America News Dispatch, Dec. 21, 2009

Colombia to build new military base on Venezuelan border --Colombia Reports, Dec. 20, 2009

Colombia raps Venezuela over FARC rebel "insult" --Reuters, Dec 9, 2009

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