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Enemies of Doctor Strange

Enemies of Doctor Strange: Nightmare, Dormammu, and the Mindless Ones

Dr. Strange, the Sorcerer Supreme of Earth and the Master of the Mystical Arts of the Marvel Universe now has his own movie, starring British actor Benedict Cumberbatch as our good doctor. But what is a superhero, even one with magical powers, without some villains to protect the world against?

Here we present the original enemies and villains in what can be called Dr. Strange's Rogues Gallery. They are listed in the original order in which they appeared in Marvel Comics in the 1960s.

NOTE: For most of the Marvel Silver Age, (i.e. the 1960s), Dr. Strange appeared in an anthology comic book called Strange Tales, which was re-titled as Doctor Strange with issue #169. Dr. Strange first appeared in Strange Tales #110, appearing in the second story in that book (the teen hero, the Human Torch of the Fantastic Four, had the first part of that book). The villains and their appearances listed here go through the end of the 1960s.


Dr. Strange's Enemies and Villains:


Nightmare --1st Appearance in Strange Tales #110. Nightmare is a demon from the Everinnye dimension. He is the lord of a 'dream dimension' where human beings enter while asleep. Nightmare roams his dream kingdom on a black horned horse named Dreamstalker

Nightmare Appearances: Strange Tales #110, 116, 122

Doctor Strange (vol. 1) #170, 180-182


Baron Mordo Baron Mordo

Baron Mordo-  1st Appearance in Strange Tales #111--Karl Amadeus Mordo was a student of the Ancient One (the sorcerer who trained Dr. Strange), but sought to betray the Ancient One, but this plot was discovered and stopped by Strange. As a fellow student of the Ancient One, Baron Mordo's abilities are similar to those of Dr. Strange, but he has a particular strength in astral projection, hypnosis, and mesmerism, and he is not hesitant to invoke black magic or to summon demons.

Baron Mordo Appearances: Strange Tales #111, 114, 115, 117, 121, 125, 130-141, 146, 147, 151, 159-162,

Doctor Strange (vol. 1) #169 (in flashback)

Assisting Baron Mordo are a group of his apprentices referred to as Mordo's Minions. Their first appearance was in Strange Tales #125.



The Possessors--1st Appearance in Strange Tales #118--The Possessors were an alien race from another dimension with the power to take astral forms (like Strange and Mordo), as well as the ability to possess humans. Dr. Strange discovered their test takeover of a Bavarian village (as a precursor to a full-scale invasion of Earth), defeated them, and then cast a spell to prevent their return to Earth. This appearance in Strange Tales #118 was the only appearance of the Possessors.


Agammon--1st Appearance in Strange Tales #119--Agammon is the ruler of the Purple Dimension, and his first encounter with Dr. Strange came when two burglars broke into Strange's home, and, while attempting to steal a mystic jewel, were transported to the Purple Dimension, where Agammon enslaved them. Dr. Strange followed into Agammon's domain, and won the freedom of the two criminals, who swore to leave their life of crime behind.

Agammon Appearances: Strange Tales #119, 123, 140


House of Shadows-1st Appearance in Strange Tales #120--The House of Shadows is a being from another dimension (located near Limbo), that appears on Earth to capture unsuspecting Humans. In the House's first appearance, it takes the form of a Haunted House. Dr. Strange banishes it back to its own dimension.

House of Shadows Appearances: Strange Tales #120 (only Silver Age appearance)


Sub-Mariner--1st Appearance of Namor, the Sub-Mariner (as an opponent of Dr. Strange), came in the pages of Fantastic Four #27. Later in Marvel History, Namor would team with Dr. Strange and the Hulk (and later, others), to form the super-group, The Defenders. But at first, they were opponents. Fantastic Four #27 also marks the first time Dr. Strange met any of his fellow superheroes.


Loki--1st Appearance (as a foe of Dr. Strange), in Strange Tales #123--Loki, the brother of the Mighty Thor, is the primary foe of Thor, and also a significant villain in the Marvel Universe in general. Since Loki's powers are magically/mystically based, a Loki vs. Dr. Strange battle only makes sense. In their first magical throw-down, Loki tricks Dr. Strange into helping him trap Thor. Strange realizes what is going on and engages Loki in a magical battle, and is losing, as Loki has more magical power than Strange. Only the threat of an approaching Thor forces Loki to break off the fight and escape. Strange and Loki will meet again. It should be noted, that Loki's fight with Dr. Strange in Strange Tales #123 is the first villain crossover involving Dr. Strange in his own books. The second Loki/Strange clash came soon thereafter in the pages of Thor's book, Journey Into Mystery #108, where the good Doctor helps the Thunder God save his girlfriend Jane Foster from Loki.

Loki Appearances (vs. Dr. Strange): Strange Tales #123, Journey Into Mystery #108


Zota-1st Appearance in Strange Tales #124--Zota was a wizard in Ancient Egypt who mystically sends Cleopatra to the modern world for rejecting his romantic advances. Dr. Strange travels back in time to defeat Zota and save Cleopatra.


Zota Appearances: Strange Tales #124 (only Silver Age appearance)


Dormammu-1st Appearance in Strange Tales #126-The Dread Dormammu, the ruler of the Dark Dimension, becomes, even above Mordo, Dr. Strange's primary and most dangerous foe. Mordo and Dormammu team up many times to battle Strange, but Dormammu is the stronger of the two villains, and Mordo usually works for the Dread One. Dormammu is a member of a race of mystical entities called The Faltine (including his sister, Umar). To add to the complications, Dormammu's niece is the lovely Clea, who becomes Stephen Strange's lover.

Dormammu Appearances: Strange Tales #126-127, 130-136, 138-141, 144, 146, 147, 151, 158

Doctor Strange (vol. 1), #171-173


The Mindless Ones-1st Appearance in Strange Tales #127-The Mindless Ones are creatures from the Dark Dimension. They are savage, mindless, and like to fight. They are often controlled or prodded by others (usually magic users), to attack various targets. Though in their first appearance, they battle both Dr. Strange and Dormammu, over time they are often employed by Dormammu to fight Dr. Strange and other Earth heroes.

Mindless Ones Appearances: Strange Tales #127, 134, 135, 140, 147, 150, 152-154,


Kaecilius-1st Appearance in Strange Tales #130-While the primary villain in the Doctor Strange movie, Kaecilius is a minor henchman of Mordo in the comics.

Kaecilius Appearances: Strange Tales #130, 131, 135, 136, 141, 142, 143


Tazza--1st Appearance Strange Tales #144-Sole inhabitant of another dimension, Tazza was tricked by Dormammu into attacking Dr. Strange as he transited Tazza's dimension.


Tazza Appearances: Strange Tales #144 (only Silver Age Appearance)


Umar--1st Appearance Strange Tales #150-The sister of Dormammu and the mother of Strange's love-interest, Clea, Umar is a major foe of the Sorcerer Supreme.


Umar Appearances: Strange Tales #150-156, 158, 159

Doctor Strange (vol. 1), #172, 173


Mister Rasputin -1st Appearance Strange Tales #145-Believing himself to be the descendent of the famous Russian mystic, Rasputin, Pavel Plotnick develops basic magical skills and goes up against Dr. Strange. He ends up in jail, and this is his only appearance in the Silver Age.


Mister Rasputin Appearances: Strange Tales #145




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