Fantastic Four # 50 (1966)
Fantastic Four Cover # 50, 1966

Fantastic Four #50


Fantastic Four

Vol. 1 # 50
Published: May, 1966

"The Startling Saga of the Silver Surfer"

Mr. Fantastic

The Thing

The Human Torch II

The Invisible Girl

The Silver Surfer

The Watcher

Alicia Masters

Galactus (villain)

Cameo Appearances:

Black Bolt




 First Appearances:

Wyatt Wingfoot

"Ben Grimm Imposter (a scientist who impersonates the Thing in issue # 51)

Sam Thorne (a Metro College football star)

Belle Thorne

Dean Asher (the head of Metro College)

Whitey Mullins (a Metro College football star)

The Ultimate Nullifier (a powerful technological device)

Comments, Notes, and Trivia:

1. Metro College and various characters associated with it are introduced as Johnny Storm enrolls in college.

2. The Ultimate Nullifier is introduced. This device plays a role in many future Marvel stories.


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