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 Current U.S. Wars and Conflicts of 2013

  U.S. Troops in Afghanistan

U.S. Troops in Afghanistan firing a mortar at the Taliban


Wars Involving the United States of America in 2013--The United States, officially at war on several fronts since 2001 (and unofficially, since at least 1991), is battling al-Qaida in several nations around the world, as is actively involved in covert wars in several others. America's current wars and conflicts in the year 2013 include wars in:

Afghanistan--Since the 9/11 Terrorist attacks on the U.S., American forces have been actively engaged against al-Qaida and the Taliban in Afghanistan. All signs point to an American withdrawal from Afghanistan over the next two years, but until then, the warfare continues.

Iraq-While officially, America's war in Iraq ended in December, 2011, hundreds of U.S. military personnel remain in Iraq as trainers for the Iraqi military and security forces. As the Iraqi insurgency continues, it would be foolish to believe that America's involvement in Iraq is truly over.

Iran-The U.S., Israel, and likely other Western allies are engaged in a proxy/covert war with Iran over Iran's involvement in the wars in Gaza, Lebanon, Syria, Iraq, and Afghanistan.

Syria-As 2013 begins, U.S. and allied pressure on the Assad regime continues and it is well-known that the U.S. is aiding the anti-Assad rebels. The U.S. now formally recognizes the Syrian rebels as legitimate government of Syria. Worries over Syria's chemical weapons, and the possibility that Assad may use them or transfer them to Hezbollah, lead to the very strong possibility of U.S. and allied military intervention in Syria in 2013. U.S. special forces are reportedly pre-positioned in Jordan, and U.S. and other NATO forces are taking up positions in southern Turkey, manning Patriot missile batteries.

Libya--After the successful military intervention in Libya in 2011, continued American involvement in Libya hit the public eye with the September 11, 2012 attack on the U.S. embassy in Benghazi and the death of four Americans, including the U.S. Ambassador to Libya. The U.S. is actively involved in hunting down missing weapons in Libya and in supporting the new Libyan government. To date, there has been no publicly acknowledged military retaliation against the Libyan militants who attacked the embassy.

Mali--In 2012, the long-simmering hostility between the Mali government and the northern Taureg ethnic group exploded with the Taureg conquest of northern Mali. Soon after the rebel victory, al-Qaida affiliated Islamists took over the Taureg revolution and began invoking Islamist Sharia law. A coalition of African and European nations is trying to cobble together a military force to retake northern Mali. The U.S. is involved in this effort, and 2013 may very well see some form of U.S. military intervention in this al-Qaida-related conflict.

Somalia and the Horn of Africa--The U.S. and many other nations continue to engage in anti-piracy operations off the Somali coastline. These operations at times result in military engagements with the pirates, up to and including rescue operations inside Somalia itself. Besides the anti-piracy operations, the U.S. is also involved in Somalia due to the continuing Shabaab War. The U.S. funds and trains Ugandan, Burundian, Ethiopian, Kenyan, and other African forces who are actively fighting in Somalia to aid the weak central government against the al-Qaida affiliated al-Shabaab rebels. The U.S., over the past few years, frequently launches drone attacks, Special Forces raids, and naval attacks on al-Qaida targets in Somalia. There is no reason to believe this will change in 2013.

Pakistan--The U.S. has been using remote-controlled drones to attack Taliban and al-Qaida strongholds in Pakistan since 2004. Conservative reports put the death toll in Pakistan from these drone attacks at a minimum of 3,000.

Philippines--Since 2002, U.S. Special Forces have been aiding and training Filipino forces in their ongoing fight against al-Qaida affiliated Islamist rebels in the southern Philippines. These rebel groups include Abu Sayyaf and Jemaah Islamiyah. In 2009, two U.S. Special Forces troops were killed by a roadside bomb. While officially engaged in only training missions, it is highly likely that U.S. troops are more actively engaged.

Yemen--Yemen is one of America's fronts in the ongoing war against al-Qaida, with frequent drone strikes against Islamist and Jihadist targets in Yemen. Several terrorist attempts against the U.S. have originated in Yemen.




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