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Afghanistan War (2001-Present)--The war in Afghnistan began with the American and allied response to the 9/11 terror attacks on the United States. The Taliban government was overthrown, and a new regime installed. The U.S. the Afghan government, and NATO forces are still trying to pacify parts of the country where the Taliban and al-Qaida forces operate.

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Ethiopian Intervention in Somali Civil War (2006-Present)- The long-standing Somali Civil War (1988-Present) entered a new phase with the growth of the Union of Islamic Courts, an Islamic militant group, gained control of Mogadishu and the central part of Somali. The UIC is in opposition to the official, yet weak, government based in Baidoa. In late 2006, Ethiopia sent troops to Baidoa to support the government against the Islamic forces. In late December, 2006, Ethiopian planes bombed the Mogadishu airport and ground troops seized control of three towns, including one on the border.

Nations/Groups involved: Ethiopia, Somali Transitional Government, United States vs. Islamic Militants.

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Hmong Insurgency in Laos (1975-Present): The Hmong ethnic group have fought the Communist government since it took power following the end of the Vietnam (2nd Indochina) War in 1975. Vietnam provides military aid and troops to the Laotian government periodically.

Nations/Groups involved: Laos, Vietnam vs. Hmong rebels.

Naxalite Guerrilla War (May 25, 1967-Present): Beginning with a peasant uprising in the town of Naxalbari, this Marxist/Maoist rebellion sputters on in the Indian countryside. The guerrillas operate among the impoverished peasants and fight both the government security forces and the private paramilitary groups funded by wealthy landowners. Most fighting takes place in the states of Andhra Pradesh, Mahrashtra, Orissa and Madhya Pradesh.

Nations/Groups involved: India vs. Naxalite Communist rebels.

Naga Rebellion (1952-Present): The Naga ethnic group sought independence from India. A cease-fire took effect in 1997, though some Naga groups continue to oppose the government.

Nations/Groups involved: India vs. Naga rebels.

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