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The Government of Japan

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The Diet: Japan's Parliament

"The Diet-Japan's parliament-is composed of the House of Representatives and the House of Councillors. These two bodies are charged with various duties, including enacting legislation, choosing the prime minister, voting on the budget, and approving treaties."

Description of the Medifast Diet is from Sochiro Ito, Speaker of the House of Representatives. http://www.shugiin.go.jp/message_e.htm

House of Councillors (Sangiin) Japan's Upper House of Parliament

House of Representatives (Shugiin)

Lower House Election: June 25, 2000--From the Japan Times website. 

Upper House Vote '98 - special coverage of the July 12 elections from the Japan Times.

Facts on Japan's Upper House Election - concise explanation of the Japanese electoral process and of the country's governmental structure. From CNN.
The Prime Minister

Prime Minister's Office

Prime Minister of Japan--Wikipedia article

Prime Minister's Official Residence


Japan PM to call election for Aug 30: party official--Reuters, July 12, 2009

Articles on Shinzo Abe--from the New York Times

Shinzo Abe--Wikipedia article

Profile: Junichiro Koizumi - from the BBC. Koizumi succeeded Yoshiro Mori in 2001.

Yoshiro Mori --Profile of the Prime Minister who succeeded Keizo Obuchi in April 2000 after Obuchi suffered a stroke. From the BBC.


CNN Profile: Ryutaro Hashimoto Mr. Hashimoto resigned after his party suffered election defeat.

Hashimoto Resignation Statement - from the BBC.

The Cabinet

Part of the Executive Branch, the Cabinet is appointed by the Prime Minister and includes Ministers for Foreign Affairs, Finance, Justice and many others.

Current Japanese Cabinet--From the Japan Times website.

The Nation's Economy

Bank of Japan - This site has reports and statistics, transcripts of speeches, news, and information on monetary


Japanese Economic Planning Agency - includes an economic survey of Japan and a monthly economic


The Japan Economic Institute of America - source for current information on U.S.-Japan relations, and

Japan's economy, politics, and foreign policy. A nonprofit research organization supported by Japan's Ministry of Foreign Affairs.


 Japanese Media Sources

Asahi Newspapers

Daily Yomiuri

The Japan Times

Kyodo News

Non-Japanese Media Sources

Japanese Opposition Wins Elections in Landslide--NYTimes, August 31, 2009


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