The Hmong Rebellion in Laos (1975-Present)

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The Hmong Rebellion in Laos (1975-Present)

The conflict which most Americans know as The Vietnam War, also included civil wars in the neighboring nations of Laos and Cambodia. In both of these Southeast Asian countries, Communist forces overthrew the governments after long and bloody warfare. In Laos, an ethnic group known as the Hmong continued to fight against the forces of the new Communist government and its allies from Vietnam. This little-known war continues to this day.

During America's long and painful time in Vietnam, the U.S. government recruited many Hmong into a secret army trained and armed by the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA). Following the fall of Saigon and America's desire to forget about our unsuccessful war in Indochina, U.S. aid to the Hmong ended, and they were left to deal with the Communist Pathet Lao and North Vietnamese on their own. They have resisted ever since.

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