Links for the Conflict in Kosovo (1998-1999)

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Links for the Conflict in Kosovo (1998-1999)

Please use this page to locate information on the conflict in Kosovo.

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Maps of Kosovo and the Balkans

Maps of Kosovo--From the The Perry-Castaeda Library Map Collection at the University of Texas at Austin.

The Conflict
Kosovo: Chronology of recent events From the BBC

A Beginner's Guide to the Balkans primer on the political and historical complexities of the region. From ABC News.

FAS Military Analysis Network: Target Kosovo -Information on related military operations and relevant weapon systems, as well as a series of profiles of Serbian security forces deployed in Kosovo and the KLA. *This is a fascinating site with tons of information on U.S. military operations going back decades.

Institute for War & Peace Reporting reports from regional reporters throughout the Balkans.

Jane's Defense Weekly-- Updates and information on the weaponry and tactics of the Kosovo War.

International Crisis Group: South Balkans Project ongoing analysis and reports on the situation in Kosovo and the surrounding areas.

Policy.com: U.S. Considers Kosovo Intervention Daily news brief Jan 27, 1999.

Kosovo Crisis: Focus on Human Rights From Human Rights Watch.

Twenty-Five Lectures on Modern Balkan History - including ethnic geography, Ottoman and Habsburg rule, and the Serbian Revolution. *Lengthy but interesting background information on Balkan history as a whole.

Kosovo: The Players Overview from ABC News.com.

Religious aspects of the Yugoslavia - Kosovo conflict-An interesting analysis of the conflict with data on the religious aspects of the combatants. Contains very good statistics on the Balkans populations.

Kosovo :Why do the Serbs care? From Out There News.

Mario's Cyberspace Station: Kosovo Crisis Comprehensive resource on the situation.

Prisoners of War--Information from the Yugoslav Army on the U.S. P.O.W.s

Vranic Photos and Caption Information five graphic photographs of the massacre, from Human Rights Watch.

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Kosovar/Albanian Sites

Republic of Kosova Politics, history, and current events. In English, French, German, and Albanian.

Kosova Task Force USA Grassroots Islamic based organization working to urge the U.S. administration to ameliorate the crisis.

Kosova Crisis Center--Pro Kosovo web site. Contains many news links. Produced in support of Albanian students in Kosovo

Kosovo Privacy Project--secure anonymous email system set up especially for people in Yugoslavia who wish to communicate with the outside world without fear of being identified.

Radio21 Albanian News



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Serbian/Yugoslav Sites

CNN Profile Slobodan Milosevic

Serbia and Montenegro--From the CIA World Factbook. A good resource.

Radio B92 (Serbo-Croatian)

Yugoslavia.com Information on Yugoslavia/Serbia and Montenegro.

Kosovo and Metohija Web Site Reflecting national and political views shared by the Serbian Resistance Movement Democratic Movement and the Serbian Orthodox Church.

Federal Republic of Yugoslavia--Official government site.

Free Serbia-Other Voices from Serbia--"We are group of people from Serbia who have been struggling in the past decade for democracy and a better future through various political parties, non-government organisations, student organisations and other means of political activity. Our goal is to present the current events in Serbia from our own point of view."* Descriptive statement from Free Serbia website.

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U.S./UK/NATO Sites
KFOR Online-- Official website of the NATO Kosovo Force.

Task Force Falcon in Kosovo--Home page for American Army forces in Kosovo.

Operation Allied Force--Official website for NATO forces operating against Yugoslavia.

U.S. Dept. of Defense: Operation Allied Force

UK Ministry of Defence: Foreign Office Kosovo Information - provides current news, images, and background.

NATO Operations IFOR & SFOR "information relating to NATO's role in bringing peace in the Former Yugoslavia."

NATO's official site

Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty: Run by the United States government

BosniaLINK From the US Department of Defense.

UK Ministry of Defense Foreign Office Kosovo Information Provides current news, images, and background.

Jane's Defense Weekly: NATO forces engaged in Yugoslavia.

Establishing a Durable Peace in Bosnia and Herzegovina From the U.S. Department of State.


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Humanitarian Relief Organizations

American Jewish Joint Distribution Committee

American Red Cross

American Refugee Committee


Catholic Relief Services

Doctors Without Borders

Food For the Hungry International

International Orthodox Christian Charities

Kosova Humanitarian Aid Organization

Kosovo Direct

Mercy Corps International

Oxfam America


World Relief

World Vision

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Peace Activists

Amnesty International: Human Rights in the Balkans-- Human rights violations and the crisis in Kosovo.

Committee Against U.S. Intervention - includes bulletins, opinion, cartoons, and an index of anti-intervention sites and news stories.

Stop the Bombing--includes a petition to end the NATO attacks.

Noam Chomsky: The Current Bombings - Behind the Rhetoric - "The US has chosen a course of action which, as it explicitly recognizes, escalates atrocities and violence -- "predictably"; a course of action that also strikes yet another blow against the regime of international order..."

Vietnam Veterans Against the War Anti-Imperialist - part of a network of anti-imperialist veterans who are proud of our resistance to U.S. aggression around the world.

Z Magazine: Emergency Struggle - US/Nato Bombings - series of critical essays from contributors to the progressive Z Magazine.

Siahkal News: Wars--Web page devoted to news and politics from Iran. This page deals with anti-war activism relating to the wars in Kosovo and Iraq.



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Media Sources

Singer James Blunt 'stopped World War 3'--BBC, November 15, 2010

CNN: Strike On Yugoslavia

News From Yugoslavia.com

Online NewsHour: Strikes in Yugoslavia

USIA: The Crisis in Kosovo

BBC News Special Report: Kosovo

CBC News In Depth: Kosovo in Crisis

Chicago Tribune: Conflict in Kosovo

MSNBC: Kosovo

Washington Post: Balkans Report

Kosova Information Center

Central Europe Online: Introduction to Kosovo

Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty: Run by the United States government

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 Message Boards/Lists
Yahoo!: Kosovo Crisis

Chat: Kosovo chat happens every Sunday at 6-8PM (Eastern Standard time) beginning May 11. From the e-teen website.

Kosova Discussion Forum -KOSOVA electronic mailing list is a discussion forum created to serve as a tool to discuss the current situation/crisis in Kosova.

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