President Obama's First Cabinet

The Cabinet (Nominees)

Secretary of State-- Hillary Rodham Clinton


Secretary of the Treasury-- Tim Geithner


Secretary of Defense --Robert Gates


Attorney General --Eric Holder


Secretary of the Interior-- Ken Salazar


Secretary of Agriculture-- Tom Vilsack


Secretary of Commerce-- Bill Richardson


Secretary of Labor-- Hilda Solis


Secretary of Health and Human Services-- Tom Daschle


Secretary of Education-- Arne Duncan


Secretary of Housing and Urban Development-- Shaun Donovan


Secretary of Transportation-- Ray LaHood


Secretary of Energy --Steven Chu


Secretary of Veterans Affairs-- Eric Shinseki


Secretary of Homeland Security-- Janet Napolitano



Cabinet-Level Positions Not a Part of the Formal Cabinet


Vice President-- Joe Biden


White House Chief of Staff --Rahm Emanuel


Administrator of the Environmental Protection Agency-- Lisa P. Jackson


Director of the Office of Management and Budget-- Peter Orszag


Director of National Drug Control Policy TBD


Trade Representative-- Ron Kirk


Ambassador to the United Nations-- Susan Rice


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