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 Connecticut Senate Election--2010

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 Connecticut Senate Election 2010

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Connecticut Political Map

 Connecticut's Senate election race for the 2010 elections became much more interesting with the news on January 6, 2010 that the long-time incumbent Senator, Christopher Dodd, was chosing to not run for re-election. Dodd is the longest-serving Senator in Connecticut history, and held his seat since winning election in 1980. With the absence of the incumbent for the first time in 29 years, the election for this Senate seat is now wide open. The primaries for the Republican and Democratic parties will take place on August 10, 2010.

Candidates for Dodd's Senate Seat:

Announced Democratic Candidates:
Richard Blumenthal (D) --Connecticut Attorney General

Merrick Alpert (D)--former advisor to Al Gore in 1988 and Bill Clinton in 1992--Campaign Website--http://www.merrickforachange.com/


Announced Republican Candidates:

Linda McMahon (R) --Former CEO of World Wrestling Entertainment --Campaign Website--http://www.linda2010.com/

Peter Schiff (R)--Financial analyst, President of Euro Pacific Capital Inc., and economic advisor to the Ron Paul 2008 presidential campaign--Campaign Website--http://schiffforsenate.com/

Rob Simmons (R)--Former U.S. Representative (Connecticut 2nd District, 2001-2007)-Campaign Website--http://www.joinrobsimmons.com/


Connecticut Political Facts:

Date of Admission as a State: January 9, 1788

Order of Admission to the United States: #5

2010 Election: November 2, 2010


Connecticut Senate Elections 1980-2004

2004 Connecticut United States Senate election

Christopher Dodd (D) -incumbent - 945,347 (66.35%)

Jack Orchulli (R) - 457,749 (32.13%)

Timothy A. Knibbs (Concerned Citizens) - 12,442 (0.87%)

Lenny Rasch (L) (write-in) - 9,188 (0.65%)

1998 Connecticut United States Senate election

Christopher Dodd (D) -incumbent - 628,306 (65.15%)

Gary Franks (R) - 312,177 (32.37%)

William Kozak, Jr. (Concerned Citizens) - 12,261 (1.27%)

Lois A. Grasso (Term Limits) - 6,517 (0.68%)

Wildey J. Moore (L) - 5,196 (0.54%)


1992 Connecticut United States Senate election

Christopher Dodd (D) -incumbent - 882,569 (58.81%)

Brook Johnson (R) - 572,036 (38.12%)

Richard D. Gregory (Concerned Citizens) - 35,315 (2.35%)

Howard A. Grayson, Jr. (L) - 10,741 (0.72%)


1986 Connecticut United States Senate election:

Christopher Dodd (D) -incumbent - 632,695 (64.76%)

Roger W. Eddy (R) - 340,438 (34.85%)

Edward J. McCallum, Jr. (I) - 3,800 (0.39%)


1980 Connecticut United States Senate election

Christopher Dodd (D) - 763,969 (56.34%)

James L. Buckley (R) - 581,884 (42.91%)

Jerry Brennan (L) - 5,336 (0.39%)

Andrew J. Zemel (Concerned Citizens) - 4,772 (0.35%)

Others (write-ins) - 114 (0.01%)


(D)= Democrat, (R)= Republican, (L)= Libertarian, (N)= Natural Law Party, (I)= Independent

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