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As the candidates for the American presidency jockey for position, seek endorsements, and ask for money, various controversies and issues arise, often unexpectedly, to trip them up and make them scramble for an explanation. Sometimes these controversies are humorous, sometimes they are serious, or even tragic. This page is a portal to pages chronicling the history of the 2008 Presidential Election as it unfolds, from the opening shots of each individual campaign, up to Election Day. November 4, 2008.


2008 Election Campaign Controversies, Events, and Issues


Barack Obama's "Madrassa" Education--Internet Rumors. Barack Obama's "Madrassa" Education

Barack Obama - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia - Hillary Clinton Drops Madrassa Bomb on Barack Obama - Madrassa Bomb on Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton drops madrassa bomb on Barack Obama

Urban Legends Reference Pages: Barack Obama as Ideologically Muslim --E-mail describes Illinois senator Barack Obama as 'ideologically Muslim. ... Senator Obama was enrolled for "at least four years" in an Indonesian "Madrassa"

ABC News: Obama Goes On Campaign to Debunk Madrassa Education Allegation

Who Is Barack Obama? State of Disunion: Republicans Beat Up on Bush After Speech

Barack Obama - Congresspedia --Interest group scorecard ratings for Barack Obama from Project Vote Smart ... "Obama Smeared As Former 'Madrassa' Student, Possible Covert Muslim Extremist

Obama 'was educated in madrassa' --Barack Obama was given a rude awakening to the cut-throat world of presidential ... camp "has discovered" that Barack Obama attended a madrassa as a child and


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