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Canadian troops captured by the Germans at Dieppe

Canadian troops Dieppe

World War 2:

The Raid at Dieppe (1942)




In response to email questions surrounding the largely Canadian raid at Dieppe in German-occupied France, this page contains links to sites dealing with this battle.

 Dieppe Raid Map

Valour Remembered: Canada and the Second World War 1939-1945 --account of the Raid on Dieppe.

The Raid on Dieppe, 19th August 1942-- Well-written account of the raid.

Dieppe--Well-made site run by the Canadian Veterans Affairs Department. 

Dieppe and the Italian Campaign--Details the first combat for the Canadian Army in Europe in World War 2.


Battle Histories of the World-- Contains several links to World War 2 pages. The accounts of Dieppe are detailed and technical and appear to have been scanned or transcribed from official documents.


Steel Chariots: A Resource Site for the Canadian Armour Enthusiast.-- Web page devoted to the armoured arm of the Canadian military.

Churchills at Dieppe-- Contains information on the use of armour at Dieppe.


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