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Greek Civil War



War File: Greek Civil War

Greek Civil War (1946-1949)--The first major military conflict of the Cold War. Communist rebels supported by Yugoslavia and other Communist nations fought against the pro-Western government of Greece, which was given significant support by the United States and Great Britain. The war ended with a government victory.

The Greek Civil War Began: March, 1946

The Greek Civil War Ended: October, 1949

The Greek Civil War Was Fought Between: Greek Government vs. Greek Communist Rebels

The Greek Civil War Also Involved: The United States and Great Britain supporting the government side, while the Soviet Union, Yugoslavia, Albania, and Bulgaria supported the rebels.

The Greek Civil War Resulted In: Greek Government victory

Greek Civil War Casualties:

Greek Government forces: 16,753 killed; 4,527 Missing In Action (presumed dead);

Greek Rebel forces: 38,000 killed

Greek Civilians: 4,289 civilians killed by the Commuist rebels

Greeks displaced or forced into refugee status: 700,000


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Greek Civil War

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