List of Wars By Year

For those of us who like thing presented chronoligically, we now have pages devoted to listing all the conflicts occuring in a given year.


Wars of 1899--Including the Boer War, the Philippine-American War, and the Boxer Rebellion in China

Wars of 1909-American occupation of Cuba, the Bosnia Crisis, rebellion in the Ottoman Empire, and several anti-colonial conflicts

Wars of 1939--Wars and conflicts leading up to World War Two, plus, of course, the start of the Second World War in Europe.

Wars of the 1950s-Wars and conflicts of the 1950s.

Wars of 1999- Wars and conflicts of 1999, including wars in Kosovo, Chechnya, Kargil, Iraq, Congo, and many others.

Wars of 2004-Ongoing wars in Afghanistan and Iraq, Chechnya, Burundi

Wars of 2006-Wars in Iraq and Afghanistan continue, and the Second Lebanon War breaks out between Israel and Hezbollah.

Wars of 2013--Including the Syrian Civil War, the War in Congo, the ongoing Israel-Palestinian Conflict, and many more...



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