Wars and Conflicts

of 1909

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Wars and Conflicts of 1909

Albanian Military Revolt in Constantinople (1909)--Albanian troops of the Ottoman Army rebelled against the Ottoman government on April 13, 1909. Loyal troops suppressed the rebels after a five-hour battle.

American Intervention in Cuba (1906-1909) In response to political unrest in recently independent Cuba, the United States sent five infantry and two cavalry regiments, along with artillery to Cuba to restore order.

The Bosnian Crisis (1908-1909)-one of several wars and crisis events leading to the outbreak of World War One in 1914.

De Tham Guerrilla Resistance--(1883-1913) --De Tham, a Vietnamese resistance leader, led a thirty-year guerrilla campaign against the colonial French occupiers in the mountains near Yen The in northeastern Tonkin. In 1909 the French launched a major offensive against his forces. De Tham was involved in the 1908 Hanoi Uprising. This guerrilla resistance ended with De Tham's assassination in 1913.

French Conquest of Chad (1897-1914) French forces continued their conquest of the Sahara by moving into the area of Lake Chad, razing villages and forcing compliance with Paris' rule. In 1900, French troops defeated Rabah Zobeir, a follower of the Sudanese Mahdi. Other native leaders and tribes continued resistance to the French invasion.

The Wadai War (1909-1911) France and the Ouaddai Kingdom (moder-day eastern Chad and central Sudan) France won the war and annexed Ouaddai. and it remained part of the French Empire in Africa until Chadian independence in 1960.

French Conquest of Mauritania (1908-1909)) French forces conquered the West African region of Mauritania.

Honduras Civil War (1909-1911) Former president Manuel Bonilla led a rebellion against the government of Miguel Danila.

Persian Revolution -(1906-1909)-Persia was beset by internal political violence and rebellions against the rule of the tyrannical Shah Mohammed Ali. Actual warfare broke out in 1908 with a rebellion in the city of Tabriz. The Shah's forces besieged Tabriz, but the rebellion did not end until Russia decided to intervene militarily and a Russian army brutally seized the city Tabriz in March of 1909. While the Russians took Tabriz, other rebel factions marched on Tehran, capturing the capital city on July 12, 1909. The Shah abdicated his throne, and his young son, Ahmad Mirza became the new Shah.

Second Rif War (1909-1910) Spain sought to expand its small holdings in Morocco around Melilla, which abuts the Rif mountains. The local Moroccan tribes, known as Rifians, resisted the Spanish military, though by early 1910, the Spanish military prevailed. Another, more deadly and violent Rif War followed in 1920, which also involved France.

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