The War in Western Sahara

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The War in Western Sahara

Polisario Flag

Polisario Flag

The current war in the area known as the Western Sahara began in 1975, when the area then known as the Spanish Sahara was evacuated by its Spanish rulers. When Spain left, neighboring Morocco and Mauritania sent in military forces, dividing the former Spanish colony between them. The inhabitants of the region, who call themselves the Saharawi, claimed independence as the Saharawi Arab Democratic Republic. The Saharawis formed a military liberation organization called the Polisario ("Popular Front for the Liberation of Saguia el-Hamra and Ro de Oro"), and had fought against the Spanish since 1973. As their old foes left, the Polisario took up arms against their new foes. Neighboring Algeria, often at odds with Morocco since the 1960s, aided the Polisario with weapons, and by providing a safe haven across the long Moroccan-Algerian border.

The cost of the war soon drove the Mauritanians out of the war on August 5, 1979, allowing Morcocco to occupy the entire Western Sahara in. Fighting between Morocco and the Polisario continued until 1991, when a United Nations-brokered cease-fire took effect. The two sides still have not come to a permanent resolution of the conflict.

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Western Sahara Map

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