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Deaths of Celebrities and Notable People in 2009





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Deaths of Celebrities and Notable People in 2009

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Ernest May--(Date of Death-June 1, 2009)-American Historian

David Eddings-(Date of Death-June 2, 2009)-Science-Fiction/Fantasy author

David Carradine-(Date of Death-June 3, 2009)-Actor


Ward Costello--(Date of Death-June 4, 2009)

Jim Owens-(Date of Death-June 6, 2009)-College Football coach (Washington Huskies)

Bob Bogle-(Date of Death-June 14, 2009)-Musician (guitarist, The Ventures)

James "Dusty" Rhodes-(Date of Death --June 17, 2009)--Baseball Player (NY/SF Giants)

Eddie Preston (Date of Death --June 22, 2009)--Jazz Musician (trumpeter).

Betty Allen (Date of Death-June 22, 2009)- Opera Singer.

Ed McMahon (Date of Death-June 23, 2009)--86, American talk show host, actor

Sky Saxon (Date of Death-June 25, 2009) -- 71, American rock musician (The Seeds)

Michael Jackson (Date of Death-June 25, 2009)--50, Singer, dancer

Farrah Fawcett (Date of Death-June 25, 2009) --62, Actress, model

Billy Mays (Date of Death-June 28, 2009)--50, TV Personality, advertising pitchman

Shi Pei Pu (Date of Death-June 30, 2009)-- 70, Chinese opera singer, and spy who served as the basis for the play, M. Butterfly.

Karl Malden (Date of Death-July 1, 2009)--97, Academy Award-winning movie and television actor

Alexis ArgŁello (Date of Death-July 2, 2009)--57, Nicaraguan Boxer and Politician (mayor of Managua, Nicaragua)

Walter Leland Cronkite, Jr. (Date of Death-July 17, 2009)--92, Television news anchorman, reporter; often referred to as "The Most Trusted Man in America."

Ernest W. Lefever (Date of Death-July 29, 2009)--90, American foreign policy expert, founder of Ethics and Public Policy Center.

Corazon Aquino (Date of Death-August 1, 2009)- 76, Filipino politician, first female President (1986–1992).

Budd Schulberg (Date of Death-August 5, 2009)--95, American screenwriter (On the Waterfront), television producer and novelist

John Hughes, Jr. (Date of Death-August 6, 2009)--59, Movie writer, director, and producer.

Mike Seeger (Date of Death-August 7, 2009)-- 75, American folk musician, folklorist and banjo player. Half-Brother of folk singer Pete Seeger.

Cal Ermer (Date of Death-August 8, 2009)--85, American baseball coach and manager (Minnesota Twins).

Eunice Kennedy Shriver (Date of Death-August 11, 2009)--88, Co-founder of the Special Olympics

Les Paul (Date of Death-August 13, 2009)--94, American guitarist and guitar inventor.

Louis Rosen (Date of Death-August 15, 2009) --91, American nuclear physicist (Manhattan Project), inventor of the atom smasher

Robert Novak (Date of Death-August 18, 2009)--78, American conservative author and political commentator

Kim Dae-Jung (Date of Death-August 18, 2009)--83, South Korean politician, President (1998–2003), Nobel Peace Prize recipient

Karla Kuskin (Date of Death-August 20, 2009)--77, American children's author and illustrator

Larry Knechtel (Date of Death-August 20, 2009)-- 69, American keyboardist (Bread), bassist and session musician (The Beach Boys, The Doors)

Johnny Carter (Date of Death-August 21, 2009)--75, American singer (The Flamingos, The Dells)

Stanley Kaplan (Date of Death-August 23, 2009)-- 90, American businessman and scholastic test preparation pioneer, founder of Kaplan, Inc.

Edward "Ted" Kennedy (Date of Death-August 25, 2009)-- 77, American politician, Senator from Massachusetts (1962–2009)

Dominick Dunne (Date of Death-August 26, 2009)-- 83, American writer and investigative journalist

Sadie Corre (Date of Death-August 26, 2009)-- 91, British actress (The Rocky Horror Picture Show) Link

Ellie Greenwich (Date of Death-August 26, 2009)-- 68, American songwriter ("Be My Baby", "Chapel of Love")

Sergey Mikhalkov (Date of Death-August 27, 2009)-- 96, Russian writer and poet (National Anthem of the Soviet Union and National Anthem of Russia)

Alex Grass (Date of Death-August 27, 2009)-- 82, American businessman, founder of Rite Aid drugstores

Adam Goldstein (Date of Death-August 28, 2009)-- 36, American club disc jockey and musician (Crazy Town)

Robert Schindler (Date of Death-August 29, 2009)-- 71, American right to life advocate, father of Terri Schiavo

Wycliffe Johnson (Date of Death-September 1, 2009)-- 47, Jamaican Reggae musician and composer

Jake Brockman (Date of Death-September 1, 2009)-- 53, British musician (Echo & the Bunnymen)

Robert Spinrad (Date of Death-September 2, 2009)-- 77, American computer pioneer, director of the Palo Alto Research Center

Guy Babylon (Date of Death-September 2, 2009)-- 52, American musician (Elton John band)

Frank Coghlan Jr. (Date of Death-September 7, 2009)-- 93, American silent movie actor (early "Our Gang" comedies, best known for the role of Billy Batson in the 1941 motion picture serial, "Adventures of Captain Marvel.")

Aage Niels Bohr (Date of Death-September 7, 2009)-- 87, Danish physicist, winner of Nobel Prize in Physics (1975)

Robert H. Miller (Date of Death-September 10, 2009)-- 90, American jurist, Chief Justice of the Kansas Supreme Court (1988–1990)

Frank Batten (Date of Death-September 10, 2009)-- 82, American businessman, founder of The Weather Channel

Crystal Lee Jordan (Date of Death-September 11, 2009)-- 68, American union organizer, inspiration for Norma Rae

Larry Gelbart (Date of Death-September 11, 2009)-- 81, American comedy writer (M*A*S*H) and blogger (The Huffington Post)

Pierre Cossette (Date of Death-September 11, 2009)-- 85, Canadian television producer, brought the Grammy Awards to television

Juan Almeida Bosque (Date of Death-September 11, 2009)-- 82, Cuban revolutionary and politician, Vice President of the Council of State

Patrick Swayze (Date of Death-September 14, 2009)-- 57, American actor (Dirty Dancing, Ghost), pancreatic cancer

Jody Powell (Date of Death-September 14, 2009)-- 65, American White House Press Secretary for President Jimmy Carter

Henry Gibson (Date of Death-September 14, 2009)-- 73, American actor, (Laugh-In, Boston Legal)

Mary Travers (Date of Death-September 17, 2009)-- 72, American singer (Peter, Paul and Mary)

Irving Kristol (Date of Death-September 18, 2009)-- 89, American neoconservative advocate and editor (The Public Interest),




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