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California Governor's Race


California Bear Flag


With incumbent Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger unable to run in the upcoming Governor's race in 2010, the field is wide open, and on September 22, 2009, Meg Whitman announced her candidacy for the Governor's seat. Whitman is the former CEO of theCalifornia-based eBay company.



Links and Resources:

Former eBay Chief Running for Governor of California--New York Times, Sept. 22, 2009

Whitman makes campaign for California governor 'official' --San Jose Mercury News, Sept. 22, 2009



California's Gubernatorial Elections 2000-2008


2006 Election for California Governor

Arnold Schwarzenegger (Republican) 55.88%

Phil Angelides (Democrat) 38.91%

Peter Camejo (Green Party) 2.37%

Art Olivier (Libertarian) 1.32%

Janice Jordan (Peace and Freedom Party) 0.81%

Edward Noonan (American Independent) 0.71%


(R)= Democrat, (R)= Republican, (L)= Libertarian, (N)= Natural Law Party, (I)= Independent

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