War File:

Sino-Indian War (1962)

Indian Troops during the Sino-Indian War of 1962

 Indian Troops - Sino-Indian War of 1962

 War File:

Sino-Indian War (1962)


Sino-Indian War (1962)--A short war between India and China in 1962 over their disputed border. October 20, 2012 marked the 50th anniversary of the Himalayan War between Communist China and India, the world's most populous democracy. This anniversary takes on special meaning considering China's efforts at modernizing the People's Liberation Army, and with India's growing concern over Chinese intentions with their common border, which is still largely undefined.

China launched a surprise attack on India in a dispute over their long common border. This attack took place as the world focused on the Cuban Missile Crisis between the United States and the Soviet Union, which also took place in October of 1962. After pushing back the overpowered Indian forces, the Chinese suddenly halted their attacks a few weeks later. This war is considered to have ended in a Chinese victory. Relations between China and India have since then have been tense.


The Sino-Indian War Began: October 20, 1962

TheSino-Indian War Ended: November 21, 1962

The Sino-Indian War Was Fought Between: China vs. India

Location of the Sino-Indian War: China and India fought along the entire length of their common border.

The Sino-Indian War Resulted In: Chinese victory

The Length of the Sino-Indian War: One Month

Sino-Indian War Casualties:

Indian Military Casualties: 1,383 Killed; 1,047 Wounded ; 1,696 Missing; 3,968 Captured

Chinese Military Casualties: 722 Killed; 1,697 Wounded



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