Wars and Conflicts of Cuba

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Cuban Flag

Wars and Conflicts of Cuba

Cuban and Angolan Soldiers in the Angolan War

Cuban and Angolan Soldiers in the Angolan War



Cuban Wars of Independence--15 years of war against the colonial Spanish rulers spread over 30 years in three separate Cuban uprisings. Cuban independence was guaranteed by the American intervention in 1898 and the final defeat of Spanish forces.

Ten Years War in Cuba/The Big War (1868-1878)

Little War (1879-1880)--was the second of three conflicts in the Cuban War of Independence. It followed the Ten Years' War of 1868–1878 and preceded the War of '95, itself sometimes called the Cuban War of Independence, which bled into the Spanish-American War, ultimately resulting in Cuban independence.

The Little War began on August 26, 1879, and after some minor rebel successes, the war ended in a Spanish victory by September 1880.


Cuban Independence (1895-1898)

Spanish-American War (1898)

American Occupation of Cuba (1906-1907)

Cuban Revolt of 1917

Cuban Students Agitation (1930)

Cuban ABC Terrorism 1930-33

Gibara Rebellion in Cuba (1931)

Cuban Military Rebellion (1933)

Cuban Batista Coup (1933)

Second Batista Coup in Cuba (1952)

Castro's Wars

26th of July Movement in Cuba (1953)

Castro's Revolution in Cuba (1956-1959)

Congo Crisis

Bay of Pigs Invasion (1961)

Cuban Missile Crisis (1962)

Eritrean War of Independence

South African Border War

Ethiopian Civil War

Angolan Civil War

Ogaden War

Invasion of Grenada




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