Wars and Conflicts of Yemen (1914-Present)

Saudi-Yemen War (1934)
Saudi-Yemen Treaty of Taif (1934)

Yemen Civil War (1962-1970)-- Egypt sent troops to support the Yemeni Republican government against Royalist rebels supported by Saudi Arabia.

South Yemen War of Independence (1963-1967)--Known to the British as the Aden Emergency. Britain granted independence to South Yemen in 1967.

Yemen War (1972)--Border war between the Republican nation of North Yemen, and the Marxist nation of South Yemen

Yemen War (1979)--Border war between the Republican nation of North Yemen, and the Marxist nation of South Yemen

South Yemen Civil War (1986)--Civil war among South Yemen's ruling Communist Party. This war left 5,000 dead, destroyed $500 million dollars worth of Soviet-supplied weaponry, and caused a major shift in leadership that eventually helped lead to unification with North Yemen in 1990

Yemen Civil War (1994)--The Marxist South Yemenis attempted to secede from the newly united Yemen. The government crushed the southern rebellion, leaving 10,000 dead.

Eritrean-Yemeni Border Conflict/Hanish Islands Conflict (1995)

Saudi-Yemen Conflict (1998)

Yemeni Tribal Uprising (1998)

Attack on the USS Cole (2000)

Sa'dah Insurgency (2004-Present)---In 2004, the Sa'dah Insurgency began in the northwestern tip of Yemen, with the Islamic cleric Hussein Badreddin al-Houthi, the leader of the Shiite Zaidiyyah sect, launched an uprising against the Yemeni government.

 Following a bloody war which ended in 1932, the new kingdom of Saudi Arabia concluded a peace treaty with it's southern neighbor, Yemen. This agreement, called the Taif Treaty, delineated their common border, though disputes have flared up over the years. Apparently, the official reasons for this current round of border fighting relates to disputes over who owns certain islands in the Red Sea.

However, it is also known that the monarchist Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is rather uncomfortable with Yemen's experiment with democracy (Yemen is the only nation on the Arabian Peninsula with a democratic style government). Allegations have been made that Saudi Arabia is attempting to sabotage this democratic regime through military intimidation as well as aiding internal strife within Yemen. (See Yemen Tribal Uprising (1998)


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