World War One (1914-1918)

World War One (1914-1918)

World War One Map of Europe 1914

World War One Map of Europe 1914

World War One (1914-1918)-Known at the time as “The Great War,” and as “The World War,” this conflict was the greatest military battle in history up to that time. Only the successor conflict known as World War Two would surpass the First World War in ferocity, death, and the fall of nations and regimes.

While the spark that lit the European powderkeg was the assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand, the actual reasons for war had been brewing for decades before that fateful murder in the summer of 1914.

American Soldier World War One

American Soldier World War One


Predecessor Conflicts: (Prior conflicts related to World War One)

The Franco-Prussian War (1870-1871)

The Bosnian Annexation and Crisis (1908-1909)

Albanian Insurrection (1910)

Agadir Incident (1911)

Italo-Turkish War (1911-1912)

First Balkan War (1912)

Second Balkan War (1912)

Assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand (July, 1914)

Successor Conflicts: (Related conflicts occurring at a later time)

World War Two


WORLD WAR ONE BEGAN: July 28, 1914–World War One began with the Austrian declaration of war against Serbia.

WORLD WAR ONE ENDED: November 11, 1918-The signing of the armistice between Germany and the Allies ended World War One.

The Allies (major members):

Great Britain, France, Australia, New Zealand, Canada, South Africa, Belgium, Luxembourg, Serbia, Portugal, Italy, Greece, Russia, Japan, United States, Romania, Montenegro, Portugal


The Central Powers:

Germany, Austria-Hungary, Bulgaria, Ottoman Empire

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