The Barbary Wars (1801-1805 & 1815)
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Barbary Wars  

The burning of the Frigate USS Philadelphia in Tripoli Harbor

The Barbary Wars were a series of (largely) naval conflicts between the young United States of America and several of the Muslim nations on the coast of North Africa in the early 1800's. To the 'Western' point of view, these North African countries on the "Barbary" coast engaged in piracy on the open seas against merchant shipping. The piracy against American shipping continued until the U.S. gained the military and naval strength to protect American-flagged ships. It is significant to note that this was the first conflict in which America fought a war in the "Old World" rather than in her "New World" neighborhood.

The First Barbary War, also known as the Tripolitanian War, lasted from 1801 to 1805, and is considered by many to be America's first "foreign war." This conflict also featured America's first attempt at "regime change" as the Marines attempted to place an ally on the throne in Tripoli.

The Second Barbary War, also known as the Algerine War, was a short conflict in 1815 against the Barbary State of Algiers.

With the advent of modern piracy off the coast of another African Muslim country, Somalia, comparisons are being made between the Barbary pirates of the 1700s and 1800s on the one hand, and the Somali pirates of the early 21st century. See also the page on the attack on the U.S. ship Maersk Alabama in April of 2009.

"Decatur Boarding the Tripolitan Gunboat" painting by Dennis Malone Carter (1827-1881)


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