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This section of the History Guy site contains biographical data on politicians and officeholders in Pierce County. This information is provided as a service to our visitors and should not be construed as a statement either for or against the officeholders detailed here.

Executive Branch

John W. Ladenburg -County Executive- four year term

Ken Madsen- Assessor-Treasurer-four year term

John W. Ladenburg-Prosecuting Attorney

County Council

Shawn Bunney-- District 1

Calvin Goings-District 2

Roger Bush -District 3

Timothy M. Farrell-District 4

Barbara Gelman -District 5

Dick Muri-District 6

Terry Lee-District 7


 Oral History Program --"The Oral History Program records and transcribes the recollections of legislators, state officials and citizens who have been involved with the state's political history. These tapes and transcripts, along with companion literature, are made available to the public through a variety of sources, including libraries and state and regional archives. The program also assists museums, historical societies, and others in creating exhibits about the state's political history, and contributes to educational programs in public schools." *Statement from the Oral History Site.Note: The Oral History Program is maintained by the Washington Secretary of State. Though technically not dealing with Pierce County issues, some of the histories featured are from Pierce County politicians.

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Source: Pierce County Council Assessor-Treasurer Page

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