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White House Press Releases The "official" story from the Clinton Administration.

The Hill News from Capitol Hill.

Reuters News Service Very good source of information.

CNN/Time Allpolitics Normally a reliable source, CNN recently had to retract stories and apologize for serious errors in reporting. Still a good source for up to date current events.

USA Today: Politics

C-SPAN Online Audio and video clips of Congress in action. Also contains good background information on what Congress is doing at this very moment.

Federal News Service Covers news from the White House, Congress, the Judiciary, Federal Departments & news relating to the Russian government.

PoliticsNow The National Journal's political page.

Political Links: Left, Right and Center--A good compilation of links to a large variety of political columnists.

Online Newshour's @ the Capitol Online version of PBS' Newshour. Features reports by Jim Lehrer.

The New York Times Registration required.


Canadian Broadcasting Company (CBC)

Nando Times Politics

Washington State Media


Tacoma News Tribune

Tacoma Reporter

Tacoma Weekly

South County Journal

Seattle Post-Intelligencer

TV & Radio
Kiro Newsradio 710

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