The Vietnam War


U.S. Marines in the Battle of Hue, 1968

Marines in the Battle of Hue

The Vietnam War





ALTERNATE NAMES: Second Indochina War



The Republic of Vietnam (South Vietnam), the United States, Australia, New Zealand, South Korea, the Philippines and Thailand (also, the non-communist governments of Cambodia and Laos participated in that they were attacked by the North Vietnamese and the local Communist rebels aided by North Vietnam's government).


Democratic Republic of Vietnam (North Vietnam), the People's Liberation Armed Forces in South Vietnam (Viet Cong), the Khmer Rouge (communist guerrillas in Cambodia) and the Pathet Lao (communist guerrillas in Laos)

**China and the Soviet Union contributed to the Communist side through material support



BEGAN: 1956-Communist insurgency in South Vietnam began in 1956. The question of when did the American part of the Vietnam War begin is a subject of some debate.

ENDED: April 30, 1975--The North Vietnamese Army captures Saigon, bringing the nation of South Vietnam to an end.

TYPE(S) OF CONFLICT: Intra-State, Inter-State, guerrilla




The First Indochina War



Third Indochina War

Vietnam-Cambodia War (1977-1992)

Sino-Vietnamese War (1979)

Sino-Vietnamese Border War (1979-1987?)


 Vietnam War Links

Vietnam War Overview A site maintained by Vassar College. This is an excellent web page, though it may take some time to view due to the number of good graphics it contains.

Statistics About The Vietnam War--Very interesting site with TONS of stats relating to the war.

Vietnam: Yesterday and Today

Vietnam: A Teacher's Guide A guide to teaching the Viet Nam War, from the Asia Society.

Vietnam: History and Politics A collection of useful links to war sites.

Center of Military History This site is maintained by the U.S. Army. Conduct a search on Vietnam. Most of the information is on exit interviews of soldiers.

The Vietnam War Resource Page-

The History Net A collection of materials on U.S. and world history maintained by the National Historical Society. A search on "Vietnam" yields a collection of first-person accounts of the war.

Vietnam Magazine A monthly magazine on the war. Found on the History Net web site. Go to the 'article search' box and type in 'Vietnam War'. This will show you a long list of articles on different aspects of the war.

Viet Nam Veterans Home Page An interactive, online forum for Viet Nam veterans and their families and friends to exchange information, stories, poems, songs, art, photographs, and experiences.

The Vietnam War Generation Journal-- "The Vietnam War Generation Journal is dedicated to bringing you the best fiction, essays, memoir, poetry, reviews, and artwork related to the Vietnam War era." *Statement from the Vietnam War Generation Journal website.


Phu Lam Signal Base--Home of the Veterans of the Phu Lam Signal Battalion and our MIA, Richard Joseph Lacey. *Description from the Phu Lam website.


Media, Blogger, and Opinion Pieces:

Vietnam War--blog about military movies. This post focuses on Vietnam War movies.


Vietnam War Bibliography--If you want print resources on the Vietnam War, look here! Hundreds of books, articles, etc. are listed in this extensive web page.

The Vietnam War: From the Delta to the DMZ, From Politics to Hippies, this is Fire in the Jungle--pictorial of the Vietnam War as documented by a British photographer


Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder

Affects many Vietnam (and other) Vets

PatiencePress--Mental Health-related website and book company run by the wife of a Vietnam vet.

Australia In Vietnam


Australian Army Training Team Vietnam (AATTV)

Australian Nurses in Vietnam - dedicated to the Australian nurses that served in Vietnam between 1964 and 1972.

Australian Vietnam Veterans Memorial - includes a roll of honour, links, and brief war history.

104 Signal Squadron - Australian squadron serving in South Vietnam from 1967 to 1971.

Vietnam Veterans' Association of Australia - includes news on current issues for veterans, historical information for students, and links.

Vietnam War - A Critical Analysis of Australia's Entrance Into War


South Korea (Republic of Korea) In Vietnam

Korean Veterans of the Vietnam War--

American Military Unit Websites
Helicopter Units

1st Aviation Battalion,1st Inf Div:     

4th Infantry Division
A trp. 2/17th Air Cav. --Assault
B trp. 2/17th Air Cav. --Banshee
2/20 ARA 1 CAV & F/79 CAV --- BlueMax
3/17th ACR Association
D Troop - 3/5th Cav & C-Troop 3/17Cav --
F Troop - 8th Cav Blueghost
48th Assault Helicopter Company ---Bluestars
52 Avn Bn and 119th Avn Co ---Dragons
52d CAB & Camp Holloway Assoc.. ----Flying Dragons>
57th Assault Helicopter Company---Gladiators
71st Assault Helicopter Company---Rattlers and Firebirds
4/77th ARA
A Company, 101st---COMANCHEROS!
B Company, 101st---KINGSMEN!
B Co.158th Avn. 101st Abn. Lancers
101st Airborne Division Air Assault) --- Screaming Eagles
101st Airborne Division Association--- ScreamingEagles
114th Assault Helicopter Company ---Knights/Cobras
116th Assault Helicopter Company---Hornets
119th Assault Helicopter Company ---Gators & Crocs
120st Assault Helicopter Company _Razorbacks
121st Assault Helicopter Company _Vikings - Tigers
129th Assault Helicopter Company---Bulldogs & Cobras
134th Assault Helicopter Company
135th Assault Helicopter Company--EMU
145th Combat Aviation Battalion
155th Assault Helicopter Company
161st Assault Helicopter Company
162nd Assault Helicopter Company ---Copperheads & Vultures
170th Assault Helicopter Company_Bikini's
173rd Assault Helicopter CompanyRobin Hoods & Crossbows
174th Assault Helicopter Company ---Dolphins/Sharks
175th Aviation Company (AML)Outlaws & Mavericks
176th Assault Helicopter Company --- Minuteman/Muskets
178th ASHC and 400 TC Company   The Boxcars
179th Assault Support Helicopter Company The Boat Dock
180th Assault Support Company Big Windy
187th Assault Helicopter Company   Blackhawks, Crusaders
188th Assault Helicopter Company and C Company 101st Aviation, Black Widows and Spiders
189th AHC & 604th Trans. Det. ---Ghostriders and Avengers
191st Assault Helicopter Company    Boomerangs and Bounty Hunters
192nd Assault Helicopter Company---Tigersharks and Polecats
192nd Assault Helicopter Company---Tigersharks and Polecats

195nd Assault Helicopter Company---Skychiefs and Thunderchickens

205th Assault Support Helicopter Company --Geronimos

213th Assault Support Helicopter Company - Blackcats
227th Assault Helicopter Battalion---Pouvoir
Bravo Company - 227th AHBThe Good Deal Company
Charlie Company - 227th AHB---Snakes
228th ASHB and Guns-A-Go-Go--WingedWarriors(1)
228th Assault Support Helicopter Battalion--Winged Warriors(2)
229th Assault Helicopter Battalion--Winged Assault
240th Assault Support Helicopter Company---Greyhounds/Maddogs
LZ ofthe 240th AHC
242nd Assault Support Helicopter Company---Muleskinners
271st Assault Helicopter Company ------ Innkeepers & Bartenders
281st Assault Helicopter Company ---Intruders
282nd Assault Helicopter Company ---Blackcat
335th Assault Helicopter Company ---COWBOYS
336th Assault Helicopter Company-- WARRIORS

539th Transportation Co.

A(L)-3--- Seawolves
HC-7--- Seadevils
DET-8--- Seawolf
HMM-261--- Porter's Bulls
HMM-262----Old Tigers
HMM-362----Ugly Angels
HMA-369 Pistol Pete

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Video footage U.S. Marines in the Battle of Hue in 1968 during the Vietnam War

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