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Washington State Government and Politics
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 See also: The Washington State Politics Site

Use this page to research the Executive, Legislative and Judicial branches of Washington state government. Links to Washington state political parties and candidates are updated periodically. This page also contains links to web pages and email for Washington's Federal Senators and Representatives. Click on the blue links to access information.


Page Menu :Click on the menu bar below to navigate this page.

Governor | Legislature |Courts & Constitution |U.S. Senators and Representatives |Political Parties |Candidates and Elections |Internet Resources/Links



Washington State Executive Branch
Governor Christine Gregoire--The State's homepage for Governor Gregoire
Governor Christine Gregoire Poltical Biography
Washington State Legislative Branch
Washington State Legislature
Washington State House of Representatives

Washington State Senate

Legislative Information


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Washington State Constitution & Judicial Branch

Constitution of the State of Washington

Washington State Courts

Washington State Supreme Court

Washington State Court of Appeals

A Citizen's Guide To Washington Courts

A Guide To Washington Court Terms

Washington State U.S. Senators and Representatives
Sen. Patty Murray (D-WA)--

Senator Maria Cantwell (D-WA) --

Representative Jay Inslee (D-01) --

Representative Rick Larson (D-02) --

Representative Brian Baird (D-03) --

Representative Doc Hastings (R-04) --

Representative Cathy McMorris-Rodgers (R-05)--

Representative Norm Dicks (D-06)--

Representative Jim McDermott (D-07)

Representative Dave Reichert (R-08)

Representative Adam Smith (D-09)


*Note: Senators serve for six years; representatives serve for two years.

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 Washington State Political Parties


Washington State Democratic Party

Washington State Democratic Party
Clark County Democrats

Island County Democrats

King County Democrats

Pierce County Democrats

Snohomish County Democratic Central Committee:

Spokane County Democrats

Whatcom County Democrats

Whitman County Democrats

Washington State 44th Legislative District Democrats

Washington State 21st Legislative District Democrats

Washington State 1st Legislative District Democrats

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 Washington State Republican Party

Washington State Republican Party (WSRP)

King County Republican Party (KCGOP)
33rd District Republicans

47th District Republicans

Pierce County Republican Party

Snohomish County (1st Legislative Dist.)

Mainstream Republicans of Washington--Part of a national movement to move the Republican Party closer to the political center.

Washington Candidates and Elections
Washington's Initiatives and Referenda for the November 3, 1998 election-- A new page on the History Guy's Politics section! Click here to look at the ballot measures voters will choose from on November 3.


Republican Political Candidates



Internet Resources on Washington State
Oral History Program --"The Oral History Program records and transcribes the recollections of legislators, state officials and citizens who have been involved with the state's political history. These tapes and transcripts, along with companion literature, are made available to the public through a variety of sources, including libraries and state and regional archives. The program also assists museums, historical societies, and others in creating exhibits about the state's political history, and contributes to educational programs in public schools." *Statement from the Oral History Site.

Civic Access-- An excellent site dedicated to state and local politics; with particular emphasis on the Bellingham/Whatcom County region.

Telebyte NW: Government Connections-- An site based in Kitsap County containing many useful links to NW government.

The Washington News Council--The Washington News Council is a non-profit corporation focusing on the performance of the news media in Washington state.

Tacoma News Tribune

Tacoma Reporter

Tacoma Weekly

South County Journal

Seattle Post-Intelligencer

TV & Radio
Kiro Newsradio 710
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