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This page is designed for students and researchers needing information on the wars and conflicts of France from the end of World War I in 1918 to the beginning of World War II in 1939. In this inter-war period, France engaged mainly, but not exclusively, in conflicts related to maintaining her colonial empire. France also acted in attempts to contain Germany and the Communist Soviet Union. To access specific wars or conflicts, click on the blue links. 

Intervention in the Russian Civil War ( 1918-1921 )

Rif War (aka-Abd el-Krim Revolt) (1919-1926)

French Conquest of Syria (1919-1920)

Memel Insurrection (1923)--Following World War I, the French military controlled and administered the city of Memel on behalf of the wartime Allies, in the Baltic Region. Lithuanian residents rebelled against the French army on January 11, 1923. Troops from Lithuania joined the rebels and seized control of the city. The Allies accepted this takeover, and Memel in effect became part of Lithuania.

The Ruhr Invasion (1923-1924)

Syrian Druze Revolt (1925-1927)

France/Syria/Lebanon Druse Revolt 1925-1927

H-DIPLO ROUNDTABLE REVIEW:The French Empire between the Wars and during the Vichy Regime

The Nghe-Tinh Revolt (1930-1931) A Vietnamese peasant revolt with backing and support from the underground Vietnamese Communist Party. French forces suppressed the local soviets (A soviet is a council of peasants, workers or soldiers in a socialist or revolutionary form of government) which formed in local villages. Many of these revolutionaries were arrested and at least 80 were executed by the colonial government. (External link on this war.). See also The Wars of Vietnam.

Yen Bai uprising (Feb. 9, 1930) A rebellion launched by the Viet Nam Quoc Dan Dang, (VNQDD -- Vietnamese Nationalist Party--See external link) began as a planned mutiny of native Vietnamese troops in the Yen and Bai garrisons. Other attacks on Son Tay and Lam Thu failed. The French suppressed the uprising, arresting executing many VNQDD leaders. Several villages were bombed and shelled by French forces. (External link). See also The Wars of Vietnam.

Syrian Revolt (1936)

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