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Greece and Turkey (once known as the Ottoman Empire), have a long history of conflict going back to the Middle Ages. This page deals with those Greek-Turkish wars and conflicts which occurred from the beginning of the Greek War of Independence in the 1820s.

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Greek War of Independence (March 6, 1821-1832)

Belligerents: Greek rebels (from 1821), Great Britain (1827), France (1827) and Russia (1827-1829) vs Ottoman Empire and Egypt


Greek Epirus Revolt of 1854 (1854)

Belligerents:Epirusan (Greek) Rebels vs. Ottoman Empire, Britain, and France.

Seeking to take advantage of the war between Russia and the Ottomans (this war would soon grow to become the Crimean War), Greeks living in Ottoman-contolled Epirus rebelled with the aid of Greek Army officers (who left the Greek military to aid the rebels). Despite some early successes against the Turks, the Greek rebels were defeated. Britain and France provided aid to the Turks, due to their alliance with the Ottoman Empire against Russia.

Greek Cretan Revolts (1841, 1858, 1866-1868, 1875-1878, 1889)

Belligerents: Cretan (Greek) Rebels vs. Ottoman Empire


Greek Cretan Revolt/Second Greco-Turkish War "Thirty Days' War" (1896-1897) (Crete), April 10 1897-May 20, 1897 (Greece)

Belligerents: Cretan Rebels and Greece vs Ottoman Empire

First Balkan War (October, 1912-May 30,1913)

Belligerents: Greece, Serbia, Bulgaria and Montenegro vs Ottoman Empire

Fourth Greco-Turkish War (March, 1921-1922)

Following the defeat of the Ottoman Empire in World War One, Greek troops participated in the Allied occupation of large parts of Ottoman Turkey. Taking advantage of the collapse of the Ottoman Empire, Greece launched a full invasion of Turkey, with the goal of reclaiming ancient Greek lands along the Turkish west coast lost to the Ottomans in the 1400s. The Nationlist Turks (who were also opposing the Ottoman Turkish government), led by Kemal Attatuk, launced successful counterattacks and drove the Greeks out of Turkey.


2020 Greek-Turkish Conflict (2020)

In August, 2020, Turkey and Greece found themselves very close to war over a disputed part of the eastern Mediterranean Sea. For updates on this near-war situation, see Historyguy.com War and Conflicts News Updates on this Greece-Turkey Conflict.


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