Iran Made Missile Fired on Saudi From Yemen

Military officials identify the Houthi missile shot at Saudi Arabia from Yemen as having Iranian markings and of being of Iranian manufacture. If true, will the Saudis choose to place full blame on Iran. Could the Saudi-Iran Proxy War become a hot war?

Taken with recent developments in Lebanon (President Hariri resigning, citing Hezbollah threat), Yemen (missiles, Saudi airstrikes, famine and cholera), and the recent arrests of many high-ranking Saudis by the government of the Crown Prince, plus Israel’s increasing concern over the threat from Hezbollah, the Syrian regime of Assad, and the Iranian presence in Syria and Lebanon, these allegations of Iranian involvement in the missile attack are serious.

Any hot war between Saudi Arabia and Iran would draw in the other conservative Gulf states and the United States (and maybe Israel) against Iran.  Such a conflict would be an apocalypse for the world’s oil supply and heavily impact economies around the planet.