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 Issues: Animal Rights

Issues: Animal Rights

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Click on a link to examine different views and details about the issues surrounding animal rights and vegitarianism,

General Links  

Adopt A Cow - the Gita-nagari farm community gives you a chance to help spread the principle of cow protection.

Andromeda's Animal Rights Page - includes topics such as laboratory testing and vegetarianism.

Animal Abuse Report Registry (AARR)

Animal Exploitation Page - for people who appreciate animals as pets, food, transportation, or sport. Promotes a realistic view of animals in life.

Animal Rights Resource Site - clearinghouse for net-based information.

Animal Welfare Resource Site of Ireland

Boycott Macy's - calls for a boycott of Macy's East department stores for selling fur products.

Chicago Animal Rights Coalition - battles hunters with ultralight paragliders and an arsenal of video surveillance equipment.

Cruelty to Animals - dogs and cats in China.

EarthBase - Animal rights related photography and information.

Fund for Animals - an active anti-hunting organization in the United States.

Hands Off the Animals - this page was Voice for the Voiceless.

Hunt Saboteurs Association - (UK) taking direct action to save hunted wildlife.

Humane Society of the United States: Congressional Scorecard - focuses on votes related to animals.

Indirect Abuse to Animals

Kansas' Rattlesnake Roundups - addresses environmental and cruelty issues.

Killing For Kicks - Why killing other sentient creatures for fun is morally wrong

Lan Shark's AR Essay collection

League Against Cruel Sports - local and national support groups taking on individual cases where hunts have violated the law.

Manual of Animal Rights

Oklahoma Animal Rights - animal abuse groups and humane societies.

Outreach for Animals - designed to allow activists to respond to global animal issues by providing pre-written letters.

Perry and Adare's Page - dedicated to the coexistence of humans and nature.

Rattlesnake Roundups

Save Animals From Exploitation (SAFE) - non-profit animal welfare organisation dedicated to establishing the rights and improving the lives of animals by educating, changing lifestyles and exposing cruelty wherever it occurs.

Scruffy's Story - an abused little dog suffers a final atrocity.

Tokitae Foundation - working towards the release of Lolita, the killer whale at the Miami Seaquarium.

Trojan Horse of Animal Protectionism - facts and opinions about animal research.

Vegetarians International Voice for Animals

Visit to a Slaughterhouse

World Animal Net - resource site for animal protection, includes a directory of animal protection groups.

FAQ - Animal Rights FAQ

Usenet - talk.politics.animals

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