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Freedom of Religion: Church and State In America

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Social and Political


Freedom of Religion: Church and State In America

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General Links
Academic Political Science Papers on Church-State Issues - examining religious liberty, the separation of church and state, the establishment clause, school prayer and other issues.

American Genesis - study of the biblidal concepts related to American law and first constitutions.

Americans United for Separation of Church and State

Baptist Joint Committee on Public Affairs - offers information resources on church-state and establishment clause issues.

Baylor University - Church-State Studies - dedicated to the study of church-state relations and religious liberty in a university setting. Publisher of the only academic journal dedicated to church-state relations.

Freedom of Religion
American Center for Law and Justice - engages in litigation, provides legal services, and supports attorneys who are involved in fighting the erosion of religious and civil liberties.

Becket Fund For Religious Liberty

Freedom of Expression--From the National Paralegal College

Religion in Public Schools
Debate Over Religion in Public Schools - explores both sides of the issue.

Finding Common Ground - A First Amendment Guide to Religion and Public Education.

Issue of the Week: Religion in Public Schools

Parent's Guide to Religion in the Public Schools - explores a variety of issues, including religious holidays, clubs, distribution of literature, and more.

 Freedom of Religion: 1st Amendment Links
First Amendment Cyber-Tribune

First Amendment News

Free Expression Clearinghouse - established to counter attacks on the First Amendment right to free expression.

Freedom Forum - First Amendment - an interactive museum of news.

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