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 Some links to Indian Military resources.  

Latest News

Pakistan and India Clash At Border Again--War and Conflict Journal, March 21, 2009
Maps of Kashmir


Maps of Kashmir, India and Pakistan-- From the Perry-Castañeda Library Map Collection at the University of Texas at Austin.
The Conflict
Kashmir 2000--Useful site run by a Kashmir expert at the Centre for Defense Studies at King's College in London.


India and Pakistan battling over Kashmir--8/24/97 -From NewsWorld

India and Pakistan Step Up Battle over Kashmir--8/01/98-From NewsWorld

Death Toll Rises in Kashmir Conflict--8/04/98- From NewsWorld

Kashmir Conflict--Lists many print sources for research on the Kashmir conflict.

Karen Parker's Home Page-Kashmir (1997)--

Media Sources media source. This link will take you to the "India" section, which should have news from Kashmir as it occurs.

Kashmir News Archives: India News, a daily newspaper from India, contains a section with news on the Kashmir region. Updated regularly.

Pakistan News Service: Kashmir--


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