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Indian Military Links

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Indian Military Links

See also: Indo-Pakistan Wars Page

Kashmir Conflict Links Page

Indian Army Soldiers

 Indian Army troops hoist the Flag of India

 This page is provided as a resource for those seeking information on the military of India. Most of these links were supplied by Harshavardhan Vedak, a webmaster of Bharat Rakshak- the Consortium of Indian Military Websites. Mr. Vedak's help is greatly appreciated!

Bharat Rakshak, the Consortium of Indian Military Websites- Bharat Rakshak is the most comprehensive, factual and BEST Indian military website. Sections on military branches, missile, & nuclear sections, a discussion forum, info on recruitment & on previous conflicts.

Bharat Rakshak Monitor - A regular update as the military and security stories unfold in India.

Indian Army and Military News


Indian Army Chopper Strays Into Pak Airspace, Released--India TV, Oct. 23, 2011


French Army shares its Afghan experience during Ranikhet joint military exercise--Newstrack India, Oct. 22, 2011


Indian Military Sites

Indian Missiles 

Indian Air Force 

Indian Navy 

Indian Land Forces  

Other Indian Land Forces

Indian Armed Forces: Mighty and Powerful

Defense Chiefs of the Indian Military

Duty unto Death -Heroes of the Indian Military

Indian Defense/Military Web Forum-

Indian Nuclear Page  

Official Site of the Indian Armed Forces 

Army in Kashmir -Sponsored by the Indian Military

Garwhal Rifles  

Ordinance Factory Board

Peace Keepers of the Nation-- Article on Indian para-military forces. 


Indian Think-Tank & Analysis Sites

Institute for Defense Studies and Analysis  

SAPRA INDIA- The site of Security and Political Risk Analysis (for India) 

South Asian Analysis Group

Institute of Peace & Conflict Studies  

Indian Nuclear and Aerospace Sites

Bhaba Atomic Research Centre 

Official site of the Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO)  

National Aerospace Laboratories  

Hindustan Aeronautics Ltd.  

Misc. Indian Sites (Unofficial)

Jagan's Historic IAF page  

Shivshankar Sastry's Indian Air Force Site 

Alok Agrawal's Indian Air Force Site  

PawanKaul's Indian Air Force Site

Decorations and Medals from the Republic of India-

Kranataka Rajya Sainik Board  


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