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2008 Florida Primary


The results of the January 29, 2008 Florida Primary changed the course of both the Republican and Democratic nominating races, as two well-known contenders dropped out the next day.

Rudy Giuliani dropped out after a poor third-place showing. He endorsed John McCain over Mitt Romney, which is not too surprising considering that Giuliani's positions on social issues would not align him with Romney or Huckabee. Meanwhile, on the Democratic side, John Edwards exited the race after his third-place result. Edwards did not immediately endorse anyone.

Republican Primary Results

McCain received 693,508 votes=36% (McCain won all 57 Florida Delegates available in this primary)

Romney received 595,830 votes=31%

Giuliani received 282,503 votes=14.7%

Huckabee received 259,598 votes= 13.5%


Democratic Primary Results

Clinton received 863,787 votes=49.8% (Though she won the primary, Hillary Clinton received no delegates since the Democratic Party stripped Florida of its delegates for holding the primary earlier in the electoral calendar than the party wanted)

Obama received 570,432 votes=32.9%

Edwards received 249,500 votes=14.4%

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