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U. S. Presidential Election 2000

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This page is designed as a one-stop resource for research into the Presidential election in 2000. Al Gore and George W. Bush the candidates for the Democratic and Republican parties. However, the Democrats and Republicans are not the only parties running, with Ralph Nader of the Green Party and Patrick Buchanan of the Reform Party also in the race. Scroll down the page for information on Third Parties.

The General Election will be held on November 7, 2000. Register to vote NOW!

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Primaries, Caucuses and Party Conventions

New Hampshire's First in the Nation Presidential Primary - Fascinating look at the origins and implications of New Hampshire's unique role in picking our presidents. Written by Hugh Gregg; part of New Hampshire's government website.

A Primaries Primer - briefing on changes in primaries and caucuses, and party selection processes. From Time Magazine.

Green Papers: Election 2000 - get facts and figures about delegate selection, conventions, caucuses, and primaries.


Note: Some of the links for defeated candidates are no longer active.

Gore 2000 - Official campaign site.

Al Gore for President 2000 - Unofficial site from supporters for candidate Gore.

Disabled Friends of Al Gore - Unofficial site. Political action committee started by and for people with disabilities.

Veterans For Al Gore 2000 -Unofficial site

Bill Bradley for President - Official site of the Democratic candidate for President, 2000. Bradley ended his campaign in March, 2000.

Bill Bradley Network - Unofficial site which includes news and a discussion list.

Netizens for Bill Bradley - Unofficial site which engages in a grassroots effort to gather support.

Vincent Hamm - Write-in Democratic candidate from Colorado.

Heather Harder - Candidate for the Democratic nomination.

Paul Wellstone - Wellstone toyed with the idea of running but chose not to. For quite a while a website touted him as a possible candidate but the site is now apparently inactive. Senator's Wellstone publicly announcement hat he would not seek the Democratic nomination in 2000. Wellstone is a Senator from Minnesota who decided against running a campaign due to health reasons.


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Note: Some of the links for defeated candidates are no longer active.

Lamar Alexander--Official website of the former Governor of Tennessee. This site is apparently no longer active. Alexander dropped out of the race.

Gary Baur-- Official website. This site is apparently no longer active. Baur dropped out of the race following the New Hampshire Primary.

Sam Berry--Official website. Berry is a self-professed "non-politician" from Oregon.

George W. Bush For President - Official website for the Governor of Texas and apparent Party candidate.

Elizabeth Dole for President Exploratory Committee - Official committee site. Dole dropped out of the race after the Iowa Caucuses.


Draft Elizabeth Dole Campaign Headquarters - Unofficial site. Grass roots movement designed to encourage Mrs. Dole to seek the presidency.

Elizabeth Dole for President - Unofficial Dole for President site.

National Coalition of Students for Elizabeth Dole - Unofficial site promoting the candidacy of Elizabeth Dole for President on college campuses.

Bob Dornan - Republican draft candidate for President, 2000. Dornan is not a candidate at this time, though this site is working on a "draft Dornan" Campaign.

Steve Forbes --Official website. Forbes dropped out of the race on February 10, 2000.

Bobby Gawthrop - Seeking the Republican nomination for President, 2000. Wants to be the first First Generation X'er elected President.

Orrin Hatch--Official Senate website. Hatch dropped out of the race after the Iowa Caucuses.

John Kasich 2000 - Official website.

Kasich 2000 - Unofficial website for the candidate for the Republican nomination for President, 2000.

Alan Keyes: Keyes 2000 - Official website of the authorized exploratory committee.

Keyes 2000 - North Dakota - unofficial site supporting the candidacy of Alan Keyes, Republican, for President.

John McCain For President--Official website. McCain dropped out of the race following the March 7 Super Tuesday primaries and caucases.

It's Your Country - petition drive for campaign finance reform and the elimination of soft money contributions. A project of the John McCain 2000 Presidential Election Committee.

Bob Smith for President -Official website for the Senator from New Hampshire.

Dan Quayle --Official website.

Republican 2000 candidates: Dan Quayle - Unofficial website seeking to educate the public to make the right decision.
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Reform Party


Buchanan 2000 - Official website. Buchanon switched from the Republican Party to the Reform Party, where he is seeking the nomination.

American Cause Internet Headquarters-- Pro-Buchanan site with many of his speeches.

Pat Buchanan for President in 2000 Link --Unofficial site.

Russell A. Lacasse--Official website for the Reform Party Candidate for President of the United States.

Green Party  


Ralph Nader - official site.

National Committee to Draft Ralph Nader for President --Nader is considering a run for President for a second time as a Green. The following is from the Draft Nader website. "In 1996 Ralph Nader allowed the Green Party to place his name on the ballot in California, where the Greens had earlier secured the right to a ballot line. Eventually volunteers were able to place Nader's name on the ballot in 20 other states. Nader did not raise money or campaign in a traditional manner. Nevertheless, he received just under 700,000 votes, or 1.64% of the vote in those states where he was on the ballot. Nader also received write in votes in 15 states. "

Ralph Nader on the Issues - from Issues2000.


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Libertarian Party

Harry Browne--Official Web site seeking the Libertarian nomination for President, 2000.

Campaign Finance

Election 2000: Total Raised - find out how much candidates have raised, how much they've spent, and how much cash they have on hand. Also learn about the source of funds, who the contributors are, and what industries give the most. From the Center for Responsive Politics.

Federal Election Commission - get financial information about candidates, parties and PACs; also information about contributions and the law.

The Money Chase: Running After Campaign Dollars - includes information on federal funding, and parties and advocacy groups. Also a primer on campaign finance that looks at hard money, soft money, and PACs. From Policy.com.

Glossary: Campaign Finance Terms - from Common Cause.

Common Cause Money Trail - following the influence of the money culture that pervades Washington.

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