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Algerian Civil War (1992-2002)--Islamic guerillas attempted to overthrow the military-based secular government which took power in a 1992 coup. The Algerian Civil War began after the military coup which voided election results which would have given power to fundamentalist Islamic political parties. Islamist groups formed guerrilla armies which waged a ten-year war with the goal of establishing a governement based on Islamic law. The war ended with a government victory.

The Algerian Civil War Began: January, 1992

TheAlgerian Civil War Ended: 2002

The Algerian Civil War Was Fought Between: Algerian Government vs. Algerian Islamist Rebels

The Algerian Civil War Also Involved: The United States and France supporting the government side, while the other Islamist and Jihadi organizations, such as al-Qaida supported the rebels.

The Algerian Civil War Resulted In: Algerian Government victory

The Length of the Algerian Civil War: Approximately ten years

Algerian Civil War Casualties:

Approximately 150,000 to 200,000 killed





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