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Wars and Conflicts in Alphabetical Order:

Algerian Civil War (1992-2002)--Islamic guerillas attempted to overthrow the military-based secular government which took power in a 1992 coup. The Algerian Civil War began after the military coup which voided election results which would have given power to fundamentalist Islamic political parties. Islamist groups formed guerrilla armies which waged a ten-year war with the goal of establishing a governement based on Islamic law. The war ended with a government victory.

Greek Civil War (1946-1949)--The first major military conflict of the Cold War. Communist rebels supported by Yugoslavia and other Communist nations fought against the pro-Western Greek government, which was given significant support by the United States and Great Britain. The war ended with a government victory.

Pakistani-Indian War (1965)--The second major military conflict between Muslim-Majority Pakistan and Hindu-Majority India.

Sino-Indian War (1962)--A short war between India and China in 1962 over their disputed border.

The Soccer War (1969)--A short war between El Salvador and Honduras. Though this war is commonly called The Soccer War or The Football War, the true reason for the hostility between these Central American countries ran far deeper. El Salvador, which has a much larger population than Honduras was very unhappy with how Salvadoran migrant workers in Honduras were treated, especially after Honduras began expelling thousands of Salvadoran illegal immigrants in the late 1960s.

U.S. Invasion of Panama (1989)--A short war between the United States and Panama in 1989 in which the United States invaded Panama in order to secure the Panama Canal and to remove Panamanian dictator Manuel Noriega from power.

The War of 1812 (1812-1815)-Second war between the United States and the British.


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